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CEC Opportunities You May Not Know About

CEC Opportunities You May Not Know About | American Council on Exercise | Exam Preparation Blog | 5/1/2013


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Continuing EducationIn addition to furthering your knowledge and skills through quality continuing education courses and events, there are a few additional ways you can continue to expand and evolve your knowledge within the fitness industry and earn CECs in the process.

  • Renewing CPR/AED. A one-year CPR/AED certification will merit a total of 0.2 CECs, while a two-year certification is worth 0.4 CECs.
  • Attending college. Earning a grade of “C” or higher in any exercise science, anatomy or health- and fitness-related course will transfer 1.0 CECs for every 1.0 college credit hours.
  • Earning an extra certification. Obtaining an extra ACE certification meets the 2.0 CEC requirement to renew your current certification. Also, keep in mind that CEC credits apply to both certifications if earned during the current cycle of each one. So, just because you double up on certifications doesn’t mean you have to double up on Continuing Education Credits as well.
  • Presenting. Professional presentations relating to the health and fitness industry can earn up to 0.5 CECs per renewal cycle.
  • Broadening. Obtaining a fitness-related certification from a separate NCCA-accredited provider is worth 0.5 CECs toward your ACE certification renewal.
  • Publishing. Publishing fitness-related articles or books or in peer-reviewed journals can net you 0.5 CECs.
  • Mentoring.  Community outreach in a fitness related capacity may be worth 0.1 CECs per renewal cycle.

How to Submit Your CECs to ACE

Once you complete an ACE-approved course, you will be issued a certificate of completion listing the ACE-approved course number. This is typically presented in the format of CEP/CP/CA/CS/CL, followed by five or six numbers (for example, CA23456 or CEP123456). For events with multiple courses, such as conferences, there will be one umbrella number that encompasses all approved sessions.

After you log into your ACE account, select the “My CECs” link underneath “My Continuing Education.” Once you’re redirected to your CEC page, type the course number into the appropriate box. The CEC total should automatically fill in after entering the course number. (Note: For conferences, total up the number of CECs you earned at the session you attended.) Next, simply input the completion date in MM/DD/YYYY format and select “Add CECs.” When you refresh the CEC list, your new credits should be visible.

If you were not provided the appropriate ACE-approved course number, you can obtain that information by contacting the course provider. If you have completed a course that’s not currently ACE-approved, you can submit a petition form online, along with the necessary supporting documentation, to potentially receive credit.