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Using ACE Academy & ACE Academy Elite

Using ACE Academy & ACE Academy Elite | Christopher Gagliardi | Exam Preparation Blog | 7/19/2012


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Finally! ACE has released what we’ve all been waiting for – an interactive, video-led experience designed to help you better study for the ACE Personal Trainer Certification Exam. Say hello to the new ACE Academy and ACE Academy Elite. These new additions to our Personal Trainer Certification bundles not only help you learn what you need for the exam, but they help you retain the knowledge that makes you a better personal trainer later on. So what’s the difference between the two tools?

First, let’s check out ACE Academy. Found in the Standard bundle, ACE Academy features a 12-week guided e-mail series that helps you know exactly what to study and when to study it. Each e-mail includes a weekly overview with tips and explanations about how the material applies to you, what you’ll learn, and what your next steps should be. In addition, you’ll also have access to an online exam review that gives you direction as far as what to focus on for the exam. Another component of ACE Academy is an online practice test comprised of 60 multiple choice questions that reflect the actual types of questions you’ll see on the exam. Once you complete it, you’ll be told exactly what you got right and wrong, along with feedback explaining correct answers and corresponding page numbers in the ACE Personal Trainer Manual (4th Edition). You’ll also have access to the ACE Resource Center staffed with certified fitness professionals any time you have questions.

academy eliteNext, let’s talk about ACE Academy Elite. In addition to including the exam review and access to the ACE Resource Center, you’ll also get access to the full interactive module, complete with a video lecture series featuring ACE pros, convenient lessons that break down the materials, custom progress tracking and a second online practice test. ACE Academy Elite takes a step-by-step approach to studying. Seeing your progress can help you stay motivated throughout the study process, and it keeps you accountable. And there are study tools, lesson quizzes and practice tests to make sure you know the material before you move on to something else. It’s the ultimate study partner.

No matter what study path you choose, ACE has a bundle to fit your needs. Our Standard option comes with ACE Academy, the ACE Personal Trainer Manual (4th Edition), the Essentials of Exercise Science text and your exam registration fee for $599. ACE Academy Elite is included in our Premium and Premium Plus bundles. The Premium option includes both of the core text books, the ACE Personal Trainer Master the Manual, the ACE Essentials of Exercise Science Flashcards and your exam registration fee for $699. Premium Plus comes with the added bonus of our Fitness Math course, a retest voucher and free shipping on all of your materials for $799.

For more information, feel free to give us a call at (888) 825-3636.