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ACE Launches Study Center Facebook Page

ACE Launches Study Center Facebook Page | American Council on Exercise | Exam Preparation Blog | 8/6/2012


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online communityWhile studying for your ACE certification exam, have you ever thought, "I wish there was a way to connect with other students to get their feedback on the material, or maybe even find a study buddy in my area"? Or did you think, "I wish I could talk to someone from ACE and get my questions answered without having to pick up the phone"? Well, thanks to our recently launched ACE Fitness Study Center Facebook page, you can now do all of these things! After recognizing the high demand for connecting with fellow students and receiving study tips and answers to exam-related questions in real-time, ACE enthusiastically launched a community Facebook page designed to help you get the most out of your study materials and feel confident and prepared when exam day comes.

ACE recognizes that the extensive amount of content that students need to know for the exam can be overwhelming. To help relieve that anxiety and frustration, we post study tips on our Facebook page related to basic test-taking skills, the psychology behind test-taking, and exam content, as well as links to our Exam Preparation Blog which is updated weekly with topics based on our students' frequently asked questions. In addition to our Resource Center, we strongly encourage you to utilize our Facebook page to ask exam questions. Whether your inquiry is related to exam content, the registration process, your ACE account, or study tips, you’ll receive a prompt and thorough response from a knowledgeable ACE representative. We created the Study Center Facebook page not only to allow students to connect with ACE, but also to connect with others preparing for the exam. Discussing your questions and concerns and receiving support, encouragement, and study tips from others taking the exam can be very helpful in relieving your test anxiety. Also, many people study best with others and this page can be a great place to find a study buddy. We understand that it may not always be possible to find another student who lives near your hometown, so we do encourage forming relationships with other students on our Facebook page and studying with them virtually once you've become acquainted. Try using free, easy applications such as Skype, Google Chat, or Facebook chat to stay connected.

ACE's goal for our students is to have you as prepared as possible when you sit for your exam by being available as a resource while you prepare, and by building a community of fitness professionals that support and help each other. We believe that our Study Center Facebook page is a tool to help accomplish this goal, so make sure to click "Like" so that you can be a part of the experience!