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Test Your Nutrition IQ

Test Your Nutrition IQ | The Nutrition Twins | Expert Articles | 7/24/2013


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Do you feel like you’re pretty nutrition savvy and able to make food choices that will help boost your health? Put your knowledge to the test with this quick Nutrition Quiz, developed for ACE by the Nutrition Twins. Regardless of your score, you’ll come away with some great tips for eating healthfully and maximizing your well-being. 

Which is the best source of protein?

1 hardboiled egg
3-ounce chicken breast
1 cup skim milk
1 cup yogurt

3 ounces of chicken breast. 1 hardboiled egg (6.3 grams), 3-ounce chicken breast (24 grams), 1 cup milk (8 grams), 1 cup plain, fat-free yogurt (13 grams)

Which of these foods increases iron absorption if eaten with chicken?

Pineapple salsa
Lemon juice
All of the above

All of the above Foods rich in vitamin C like lemons, pineapples and broccoli enhance iron absorption.

Which should be avoided before bedtime due to its caffeine content?

Coffee-flavored ice cream
Sunkist soda
Excedrin Migraine pills
All of the above

All of the above. They all contain caffeine. Coffee-flavored ice cream (30-45 mg/half cup), Sunkist soda (40 mg/can), Chocolate (Hershey's dark chocolate bar has 31 mg), Excedrin Migraine pills (2 pills = 130 mg)

Which of the following does NOT help replenish lost muscle glycogen stores after an intense workout session?

Black beans
Brown rice
Turkey Breast

Turkey breast. Only foods that contain carbohydrates can help to replenish muscle glycogen stores. Turkey breast does not contain carbohydrates.

Which of these foods contain vitamin D, which helps you better absorb calcium during winter months when your skin isn't exposed to the sun?

Fortified milk
All of the above
A, C and D

A, C and D. Mushrooms, fortified milk and butter all contain vitamin D.

Which of these foods does not have to be limited if you have high blood pressure?

Salted nuts
Nonfat yogurt

Nonfat yogurt. When you have high blood pressure, it's important to reduce sodium. Ketchup, salted nuts and bread are all high in sodium while low-fat and nonfat dairy sources are believed to help lower blood pressure.

Which of the following foods will help you to absorb vitamins A, D, E and K?

All of the above
A, B and C
B, C and D

A, B and C. You need dietary fat to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. So even though bacon does not contain heart-healthy fat, the fat in bacon still will help you absorb fat-soluble nutrients. Apples, although good for you, do not contain fat and won't aid in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

Which of these foods would not refuel and rehydrate you after a workout?


Steak. Fruits and vegetables contain the highest water content (plums are 92% water, potatoes contain approximately 76% water). Meats contain the least amount of water (an eye or round is 65% water). Plus, fruits, vegetables, and grains all contain some carbohydrates to help replenish glycogen stores.

While many think muscle cramps are due to a lack of potassium, a shortage of which of the following nutrients is frequently to blame?

Vitamin C

Magnesium. Magnesium relaxes muscles, so when you don't consume enough on a daily basis, you may experience muscle cramping.

Without making any other changes in your diet, what would your weekly change in weight be if you ate an additional 250 calories each day?

Lose .5 pound per week
Gain .5 pound per week
Stay the same
Gain 1 pound per week

Gain .5 pound per week. If you added 250 calories to your diet without taking calories away elsewhere, you would be consuming an additional 1,750 calories per week, which would cause a 0.5 pound weight gain.

During stress, which three foods would be best for calming your nerves and helping your body relax?

Oatmeal, beans, spinach
Carrots, tuna, apples
Pear, orange, strawberries
Chicken, tuna, apple

Oatmeal, beans, spinach. Magnesium, which relaxes the muscles; is found in whole grains, beans, legumes, veggies, seaweed, nuts and seeds.

Which foods are best for reducing bloat?

Water, yogurt
Water, orange

Water, orange. When you're bloated, you're holding onto excess sodium or sugar and extra water to help dilute the salt or sodium. Drinking additional water helps flush out the sodium and extra water, while the orange, which is full of water and potassium, which helps to balance out sodium in the body.

Which food contains omega-3 fatty acids?

Chia seeds
All of the above

All of the above. Walnuts, herring and chia seeds all contain omega-3 fatty acids.

Which of these meals would help reduce sugar cravings?

Mixed green salad with grilled turkey and almonds
Mixed green salad with grilled chicken and beans
Mixed green salad with grilled salmon and a hardboiled egg
Mixed green salad with grilled shrimp and avocados

Mixed green salad with grilled chicken and beans. Beans are the only food on this list that contains a substantial amount of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the fuel for your brain; without them, your brain craves energy, and usually in its the simplest form, which is sugar! Choosing fiber-filled carbohydrates is key to extending your energy boost.