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CPR/AED Requirements

CPR/AED Requirements | April Merritt | Exam Preparation Blog | 6/22/2009


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Annie, Annie…are you okay?

As fitness professionals, we work every day with people who are stressing their bodies. Often these are overweight, out of shape and high risk clients. People who might be at risk for a heart attack or coronary arrest. But they aren’t the only ones in danger. Even your fittest, most athletic client could choke on a piece of gum on their way into your gym. Would you know what to do?

ACE requires certification exam candidates to hold current Adult CPR and AED (automated external defibrillator) certificates prior to sitting for the exam. We also require ACE certified professionals to provide proof of their CPR/AED certificates at the time of renewal.

But not just any CPR course will do. ACE requires that candidates complete an Adult CPR/AED course with a live skills check. This means there is a living, breathing instructor watching and checking off your skill performance. An online only CPR course alone cannot provide this live skills check. There are some hybrid courses offered by the American Red Cross or American Heart Association, for example, that provide an online information session/cognitive learning session, then helps you arrange to find an instructor in your area for the skills check.

What about first aid? Isn’t that important too?  Actually, chances are you are going to run into a cut, scrape, sprained ankle, or upset stomach before you see a heart attack. It is valuable knowledge to have and you’ll likely feel more comfortable practicing as a fitness professional with this skill set.  At this time, however, ACE does not require a certificate in First Aid, but we do recommend the training.

For additional information, feel free to contact an Education Consultant at 1-800-825-3636 x782 or visit our ACE Fitness Study Center Facebook Page. with any questions you may have.