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Test Anxiety

Test Anxiety | April Merritt | Exam Preparation Blog | 6/22/2009


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Chewed PencilTest anxiety. That shouting voice in the back of your mind (or maybe the front). The twitching fingers. The dry mouth and racing heart. The utter certainty that you can’t take a test. Especially not this test.

Nearly everyone experiences some form of test anxiety.  For some people it is motivating, pushing them to study harder. For others it is debilitating, especially when it affects exam performance. Adequate studying for your exam is the first step to beating test anxiety. But being mentally prepared is just as important.

 Below are a couple links to test anxiety websites. Check them out for helpful tips and techniques to conquer, or at least tame, test anxiety. Mid - length article about overcoming test anxiety, provides additional links at the bottom to other test anxiety sites. Extensive article/site from Penn State - University Learning Centers about test anxiety; covers test preparation, test taking tips, and general test anxiety.

Good luck!