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I Need to Change My Exam Date!

I Need to Change My Exam Date! | Suzayn Chandler | Exam Preparation Blog | 10/17/2011


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Have you registered for an exam date that is no longer going to work with your schedule? Don’t panic.

If you do need to change your exam date, we will allow you to reschedule your ACE exam up until 11:59pm PT the night before via the ACE website. Just log into your ACE account and select My Exam Information. Once you are able to see your current scheduled exam, select Reschedule Exam Date to proceed with the rescheduling process. Be sure to go through the entire process — including check-out — and make sure you receive a new confirmation notification.

If you would prefer to speak with an Exam Registration Representative directly, please don’t hesitate to call M-F 8am-5pm PT 1-800-825-3636 ext. 783 prior to your scheduled exam date for assistance.

Keep in mind that there is a rescheduling fee of $149.00 to change the date of your exam whether your choice is to sit for an earlier exam date or a future date. The reason for the additional fee is that ACE will be billed by our testing agency whether you actually sit for your exam or not, so the fees assessed to ACE have to be covered. These fees are not profits going towards ACE, but instead are true costs to cover exam administrations, and associated ACE exam development fees.

Well…. I guess I could make my exam date work. The truth is I just don’t feel ready.

If you fall into the ‘I’m not ready’ category, why not take the exam on your scheduled day anyway? You are probably more ready than you think!

Also, by taking the exam on your scheduled date you will have access to a detailed score report in your ACE account once scores post. If you are not successful on the exam, this report can provide you detailed information about what areas you definitely know and what areas you may want to review. Unfortunately, you won’t receive this valuable information if you reschedule due to ‘nerves’ and who knows, maybe you’ll pass the exam with flying colors!

I’ve changed my mind all together and do not want to pursue an ACE Certification. Can I get a refund?

If you did not purchase your exam using an exam voucher and your exam date is still outside of 30 days, ACE will be able to provide you with a 50% refund of the exam fee paid. (Refunds cannot be given for exams that have been rescheduled.) If you would like to cancel your ACE exam and request a refund, please call the ACE Exam Registration Department at 1-800-825-3636 ext. 783. Cancellation requests can only be made by the named candidate on the registration.