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I Passed! Now What Do I Do?

I Passed! Now What Do I Do? | American Council on Exercise | Exam Preparation Blog | 8/2/2013


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pass exam Congratulations on passing your ACE certification exam! All that studying and stressing finally paid off. But now what do you do? How long before your certificate expires? Where can you find information about operating as a professional? And when are you going to get that shiny certificate in the mail? Check out the answers below.

Your Certificate

You should receive your certificate in the mail approximately two to four weeks after your certification exam, so make sure the address in your account is up-to-date. If you need a copy of your certificate before then, you can log into your ACE account, look under “Professional Tools,” and then click “My Certifications.” You can click “Proof of Certification Letter” and print off a letter from ACE indicating your certification status and expiration date.

Your ACE Account

Once you are an ACE-certified professional, you will find additional links and resources available to you in your ACE account, including professional, business and education resources.

Once you are certified, you can also log into your account and update your profile listing. The profile listing is what the public sees if they go to the Find an ACE Trainer tool. This is a great way to connect with potential new clients, so you’ll want to put your best foot forward. To get a better idea of what to include in your profile, use the tool to put in your zip code and see what some of your peers are saying to promote themselves.


At the end of two years, you will need to recertify by submitting proof of current CPR/AED status, proof that you have completed 2.0 CECs of continuing education, and the recertification fee.

The requirement to earn 2.0 CECs of continuing education is why we want to talk about recertification now. 2.0 CECs are the equivalent of 20 hours of continuing education. (Remember, that’s to be earned over the course of two years.) We recommend logging into your account and selecting “My Career Plan” from the listing under “My Continuing Education.” Here, we provide a Continuing Education Worksheet and recommended course listing based on the interests you’ve identified within your profile. Having a plan is important—rather than just taking any continuing-education course, we strongly encourage you to spend your CEC dollars wisely and take courses that will help you further your professional career.

You can also check out the “Continuing Education” page on the ACE website to see what courses are available. We offer a variety of ways to earn CECs, including online courses, workshops, free webinars, conferences and more.

Now that you are certified, the fun has just begun! As you build your knowledge and grow your skills, don’t forget to check back on the ACE website (and your account) to see what is new and exciting. And good luck as an ACE-certified fitness professional!

Questions? Contact an Education Consultant at 888-825-3636, Ext. 782.