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The Certification Candidate Handbook - a hidden exam prep tool!

The Certification Candidate Handbook - a hidden exam prep tool! | April Merritt | Exam Preparation Blog | 10/4/2010


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Certification Candidate HandbookThe Certification Candidate Handbook - not hidden as much as unknown. But that’s why we’re here today…to introduce you to the Certification Candidate Handbook (CCH)!

To clarify the first question, the CCH is not a content study tool. You cannot use the CCH to study for your certification exam.  But you can use the CCH to prepare to take your exam. How is that different?

The CCH focuses on what you need to know in order to successfully take an ACE certification exam. It contains information on the background of the ACE exam process, how ACE fits in with NCCA accreditation and why accreditation is important, exam eligibility requirements, and exam content outlines for each of the four certification exams. The CCH does not contain any information about anatomy, how to teach a group exercise class, why empathy is an important trainer trait etc.

But the CCH does contain details about the types of multiple choice questions you may run across (and what percent you will see on the exam), test taking strategies, and study resources.  If you want information about how the exam is scored, and what the current passing rates are, then the CCH is the document to read.

So should you rush right over to review the CCH? Should you study it with the same dedication and devotion you give to your manual? Probably not. But…it’s a great resource that might come in handy. Take a moment to glance at the table of contents, maybe another moment to scan the info and see how it relates to you, then get back to your studies!

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