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Help! I've been audited!

Help! I've been audited! | April Merritt | Exam Preparation Blog | 1/17/2011


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CPRNo, not for taxes – although that could happen as well – but for your CPR/AED status!

ACE requires that all exam candidates sitting for a computer based exam (CBT) have a current CPR/AED certificate prior to their test date (it’s one of the pre – requisites). When you register for your exam on the ACE website you will see a box that says:

To register for computer based testing, you MUST hold a current CPR/AED certificate AND that CPR/AED certificate must also be valid on the day of the exam. *AED (Automated External Defibrillator) was added as a requirement January 1, 2009 (US and Canada ONLY).

There is even a little check box that says ‘I have valid CPR” that you are asked to check off before you can proceed to checkout.  For most candidates that’s the end of CPR/AED questions. However, some candidates will be notified that they are part of the ACE CPR/AED audit…and that’s what we want to talk about.

When you log into your ACE account to print your exam admission ticket, you may notice that your exam status is listed as ‘On Hold’. Congratulations! You’ve been selected for a CPR/AED audit!  Yes, this is when the panic sets in.

But no need to panic – this is easy to resolve. You can still print your admission ticket; you can still go to the testing center and take your test. However….you will not be issued certification until you have verified your CPR/AED status with ACE. This means that even if you’ve passed the certification exam, you aren’t certified until we confirm your CPR/AED status.

Why do we do this audit process? Well, it’s part of the NCCA standards that we validate our exam eligibility criteria on a timely basis which includes conducting random audits of exam candidates to verify current CPR/AED status. It’s part of our (ACE’s) certification process.

So how do you clear that ‘On Hold’ status if you are selected for audit?  Easy! You send a copy of your CPR/AED card to our Exam Registration department. It can come by email, fax or regular mail to the address below:

American Council on Exercise
ATTN: Exam Registration
4851 Paramount Drive
San Diego, CA 92123
Fax: (858) 576-6564

Don’t take it to the testing location; they can’t do anything with it there. You’ve got it send the information straight to Exam Registration!

Our Exam Registration dept. will make sure your actual CPR/AED cards match what you entered online. If everything matches up, the hold is lifted and your certification is official!  (Honesty is the best policy from the start, keep that in mind if you’re tempted to alter your actual CPR/AED information) That sets in motion the printing of your certificate and all that good stuff that comes with being an ACE certified pro.

Have questions about audits? About other topics? Just contact an Education Consultant at 1-888-825-3636 x782.