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October 20, 2011 | Triathlon Training Blog

Seven Days of Training on My Way to ITU Worlds in Henderson, Nev. on Nov. 5 -- Day 4

Tuesday, October 11

6:00 a.m—I’m back at the pool, but feel much better, especially now that I get to share a lane with my friend Terri (photo right), a mother of three (9 months, 9 years and 12) who arrives at the gym every morning at 5 a.m. with a smile on her face and brings energy to my spin class.

7:00 a.m.—Strength-training session at Frog’s. It took some time to get to know the members and trainers in the weight room, but now that I know many of them by name, I look forward to seeing them in the morning. We share the bond of enjoying active, healthy living—everyone in their own way. But the important thing is to do this regularly.


6:30 p.m.—Boot camp class! I teach a boot camp class at a condo complex and love it when I see new people who want to start being active and healthy. It doesn’t matter how old, young, what size or shape or how fit or unfit you are or even what language you speak to get started.


Today, I had a new participant, a young man, who is deaf, come to my class. Being ignorant of American Sign Language (ASL), I was in awe of watching him and his hearing girl-friend, who also came to the class, speak silently.


One of the most beautiful things about engaging in any sport or physical activity is that you don’t need to speak the same language to understand each other. Everyone understands the language of having fun while being active.

By Marion Webb
Marion Webb

Marion Webb is an ACE-certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Webb has worked as a longtime award-winning business journalist, covering fitness, small business, health care and biotech issues. A competitive age-group triathlete and two-time ITU Long Distance World Championship qualifier, Webb competes mostly in the Half Ironman (70.3 miles) and (140.6 miles) Ironman distances.

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