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October 19, 2011 | Triathlon Training Blog

Seven Days of Training on My Way to ITU Worlds in Henderson, Nev. on Nov. 5 -- Day 3

Monday, October 10

5:00 am.—Rise, coffee, snack, off to teach my spin class.


6:00 a.m—Every Monday starts with these awesome people you see in the picture!

These are the loyal and highly motivated Frog's Club members who make every Monday morning special to me. Don't be fooled by their smiles. These people know how to hammer and no matter what challenge I throw at them, they'll take it and run with it! My 12-minute challenge of 2 minutes high cadence in the seat and one minute out of the seat x 4 isn't enough for them!

7:00 a.m—Off the bike and onto the treadmill for a t-run--good times...

6 p.m—After finishing work, I'm back at Frog's to swim. But today, I just didn't have it. I cut my coached swim workout short, despite being enthralled by the Michael Phelps look alike two lanes over who swims butterfly at the same speed I’m doing freestyle, seemingly effortlessly too.

By Marion Webb
Marion Webb

Marion Webb is an ACE-certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Webb has worked as a longtime award-winning business journalist, covering fitness, small business, health care and biotech issues. A competitive age-group triathlete and two-time ITU Long Distance World Championship qualifier, Webb competes mostly in the Half Ironman (70.3 miles) and (140.6 miles) Ironman distances.

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