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ACE Educational Partners and live exam review courses

ACE Educational Partners and live exam review courses | April Merritt | Exam Preparation Blog | 11/29/2010


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Did you know that ACE has partnered with colleges and universities around the country to help candidates prepare for their certification exam? There could be a college near you that is offering an ACE exam prep course!

In working with candidates, I frequently hear the request for live study courses rather than the standard at home book study. ACE currently replaced the traditional live two day exam review workshop with a recorded online course to provide more flexibility while delivering the same content. For those who are in need of a live learning environment, the ACE Educational Partners can fill this need.

An ACE Educational Partner is a college or university that had partnered with ACE to offer exam prep courses in one or more certification exam areas (Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Health Coach, Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist). The Ed Partners are provided with ACE resources and materials in order to teach a semester length preparation course.

Is there an Educational Partner school near you? The best way to check is through the link below:

ACE Educational Partners

Is an exam prep course with an Educational Partner the right choice for you? It depends on several factors. The first consideration is that some Ed. Partners offer the certification exam prep course as part of their standard curriculum. For example, a community college may be offering a one year Fitness Certification Program, of which the ACE Personal Trainer materials/University curriculum is the capstone course. A vocational school may be offering an ACE Personal Trainer study preparation course which focuses exclusively on the ACE University curriculum, in which the ACE Manual is being used in multiple classes at the school.

Depending on the school, the ACE exam preparation course may only be open to students currently enrolled at that university. Other schools may open up their exam prep course to any interested candidates. The best way to find out how the program is run, and if you can participate, is to contact the school directly using the information listed on their profile page.

If you’re looking for a possible live exam prep type of course, checking out the ACE Educational Partners is your first step. Questions? Contact an ACE Education Consultant at 1-888-825-3636 x782.