6: How Much is That Again? | Ellyn Levine, MD and Michael Mantell, PhD | ACE Fit - 15 Minutes to Wellness

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Episode 6: How Much is That Again?

Ellyn Levine, MD and Michael Mantell, PhD


What is “self-talk” and how can it influence your lifestyle change? In this episode of 15 Minutes to Wellness, Dr. Mantell is joined by Ellyn Levine, MD, a weight loss consultant and physician, who offers her insight on how subconscious thoughts can either help you succeed or completely derail your efforts.

About Dr. Ellyn Levine

Dr. Ellyn Levine is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and has a mission to provide personalized, high-quality primary care. Under her guidance, patients receive comprehensive healthcare services in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. As a weight loss coach, Dr. Levine believes in working together and educating patients to achieve optimal health. In addition to holding 20 years of clinical experience, she is also board certified in obesity medicine. Learn more about Dr. Levine's practice at Optimal Health and Weight Center.


Hosted by Dr. Michael Mantell,
ACE Senior Fitness Consultant
for Behavioral Sciences

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