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Episode 39: Unique Fitness Centers

Clif Harski and Michael Mantell, PhD


Dr. Michael Mantell sits down with Clifton Harski, the director of training and national head coach for Fitwall, in this episode of 15 Minutes to Wellness. In addition to the unique training approach of Fitwall, Harski discusses how fitness professionals can get involved with clients by focusing on coaching quality and interactions.

About Clif Harski

Clifton Harski serves as the director of training and a national head coach for Fitwall. A lifelong athlete and collegiate basketball player, Clifton has been in the fitness industry for more than 8 years. In the past 3 years, he has taught over 1,500 fitness enthusiasts and professionals while traveling the United States; he's also conducted over 100 workshops covering different fitness systems for multiple companies. Clifton considers himself a student of human movement. When introduced to Fitwall, he immediately recognized the benefits people would have from this game-changing training system. He holds a degree in kinesiology from San Diego State University.


Hosted by Dr. Michael Mantell,
ACE Senior Fitness Consultant
for Behavioral Sciences

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