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Episode 18: The Value of Family Time

Walter Bortz, MD and Michael Mantell, PhD


In this episode of 15 Minutes to Wellness, Dr. Mantell is joined by Dr. Walter Bortz, clinical professor of medicine at Stanford University and a well-known expert on aging and longevity. The two discuss several of the factors associated with successful behavior change including time with family.

About Walter Bortz

Walter M. Bortz II, M.D., is a Clinical Professor of Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine. He is a graduate of Williams College and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. In the spring of 2012 Dr. Bortz is teaching a new course at Stanford University entitled “The Roadmap to 100: The Science of Living a Long Life.”

Recognized as one of America’s most distinguished scientific experts on aging and longevity, Dr. Walter Bortz's research has focused on the importance of physical exercise in the promotion of robust aging. Dr. Bortz has written over 130 medical articles for such publications as JAMA, Annals of Internal Medicine, The New England Journal of Medicine, American Journal of Public Health, and Journal of Biological Chemistry, as well as articles for lay publications such as The New York Times, Washington Post,San Francisco Chronicle, and Town & Country. He is a regular columnist for Runner’s World and the Diabetes Wellness Letter and has authored or coauthored seven books.

Dr. Bortz is past co-chairman of the American Medical Association’s Task Force on Aging, former President of The American Geriatrics Society and is currently Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board for the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation, as well as a Senior Advisor to Healthy Silicon Valley, a community collaborative effort which addresses the soaring incidence of obesity and diabetes.

An avid runner, the 82-year old Dr. Bortz runs an average of 16 miles per week and has run 41 marathons, including the 2008 New York Marathon and the 2010 Boston Marathon.

Learn More about Dr. Bortz at http://walterbortz.com/


Hosted by Dr. Michael Mantell,
ACE Senior Fitness Consultant
for Behavioral Sciences

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