Michelle Obama Talks to David Letterman About Joining Forces

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Michelle Obama Talks to David Letterman About Joining Forces

First lady Michelle Obama visited David Letterman on his late night show on Monday. Fortunately for him, she did not challenge him in a push-up contest or an entire fitness duel.

But she did discuss Joining Forces, the national initiative that gives back to service members and their families.

ACE believes it's important to give back to the military and their families for all they have done. So we have joined this important initiative by committing to provide 1 million fitness service hours to activated reservists and National Guard members and their immediate families. If you're part of the military family or are a fitness professional, get more information here.

In addition to Joining Forces, ACE is supporting the military by helping spouses, active duty members, veterans and dependents earn ACE certifications so they can begin their fitness careers.

We're glad the first lady took some time to discuss Joining Forces, but if Michelle Obama did challenge Letterman in a fitness competition, would she continue her winning streak?

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