Flo-yo: The Next Workout Trend?

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Flo-yo: The Next Workout Trend?

Flo-yo has no association with froyo (short for frozen yogurt), Florida or even Flo Rida.

It's short for floating yoga and is reported to be a fitness fad that's taken off on the hot and humid East coast.

Flo-yo participants take to the water on their stand up paddleboards (SUP) for 10-30 minutes and settle in a calm area for 30-60 minutes where they then perform yoga moves on their boards. So it's a combination of SUP and yoga in one workout. And, since you're on the water on top of all the living creatures, some say it's more of a Zen workout.

Have you participated in flo-yo? Is it a fad that's here to stay?

[via TODAY Health]

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