How can I improve my balance?

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How can I improve my balance?

Developing good balance is essential when you're training, and it positively impacts your everyday life as well. However, it's an area often overlooked and ignored by fitness enthusiasts and sometimes even trainers. Join ACE Exercise Physiologist, Fabio Comana, as he explains the important role balance plays in enhancing your performance and how you can seamlessly integrate balance exercises into your workout regimen along with adding variables to increase the challenge.

Fabio ComanaFabio Comana Contributor

An exercise physiologist and faculty, teaching courses in Exercise Science and Nutrition at San Diego State University, and UC San Diego. Prior, Fabio was a head coach, and a strength and conditioning coach at SDSU; and opened and managed health clubs for Club One. A national and international presenter, he is frequently featured on television, radio, internet, and in print publications, and has authored chapters in various textbooks and publications.

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