Can You QiDance™ Your Way to Fitness?

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Can You QiDance™ Your Way to Fitness?

While dance aerobics has been around for decades, in recent years this particular modality of group fitness has re-gained some serious momentum with the emergence of fun new formats like the ever popular Zumba Fitness™, and also QiDance™ a type of dance-based fitness (formerly known as Batuka™) that is rising in popularity given it’s high-energy music and moves that combines everything from hip-hop to Bollywood to create one exciting class experience. But with these energetic class offerings the same question seems to always arise- can you really get a good workout just by dancing? It’s for that very reason that the American Council on Exercise (ACE®) turned to Dr. John Pocari and Megan Buermann, researchers from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse’s Department of Exercise and Sports Science to evaluate the fitness benefits and the calorie-burning potential of a QiDance™ class.

The researchers found that participating in a single 52-minute QiDance™ class burned an average of 8.3 kcals per minute, which is more than that burned during a traditional cardio kickboxing or step aerobics class. Researchers also noted that the heart rate max and VO2 max responses for all of the subjects fell with the established guidelines for improving cardiorespiratory fitness, making QiDance™ an effective option for those who are looking to lose weight or maintain their weight loss success. And because this class includes dynamic choreography from a variety of different genres of dance combined with original music from QiDance’s creator Kike Santander, it truly provides a fun, full-body fitness experience, one which people are then more likely to stick with long-term.


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