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Top 25 Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road

By Scott Goudeseune, President and Chief Executive Office at the American Council on Exercise 

As a busy executive, I find that my frequent travels to industry trade shows, corporate events and meetings with ACE partners may interrupt my daily routine of enjoying a healthy dinner with my family and exercising at the ACE gym, but it doesn’t take away from my drive to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

I can’t think of a better way to mark ACE’s 25th anniversary than to share my top 25 ways for staying active and healthy on the road.






1. When the little hunger hits at the airport, I try to find healthful meals, such as a turkey sandwich, a cup of fruit or a salad with a low-fat dressing.
2. To stay hydrated during flights, I bring my own water bottle and sip on it.
3. I choose drinking water over high-calorie, sugary alternatives, such as soda or fruit juice.
4. I restrict my daily caffeine intake and drink it with a low-fat creamer.
5. During travel, I often bring my own prepackaged healthful snacks: A small bag of almonds or mixed nuts and carrots to stay full and avoid overeating on big meals.
6. I love potato chips, but try to eat healthier options instead, such as fruit and low-fat yogurt.
7. I always eat breakfast: Among my favorites are whole-wheat bread with egg white and veggie sausage links.
8. Before I visit a new city, I go online to find restaurants with healthy menu choices.
9. At my destinations, I walk as much as possible to stay active and burn extra calories.
10. When time allows, I go sightseeing by foot. It’s a great way to get to know a new place and its people.
11. If the hotel doesn’t have strength-training equipment, I use my own body weight to perform strength-training exercises in the hotel room.
12. I visit the ACE Exercise Library to mix up my exercise routine often.
13. When I travel with co-workers, we exercise together. This keeps us on track for regular workouts, builds team spirit and makes it fun.
14. I try to make time to visit health clubs during trips. This offers a great opportunity to personally thank our ACE-certified professionals while getting in a workout.
15. During dinner meetings, I frequently choose chicken and fresh fish over red meat.
16. I stay away from anything that says ‘fried’ on the menu.
17. During dinner and social gatherings, I watch my alcohol intake and switch between drinking a glass of water and drinking an alcoholic beverage.
18. I enjoy drinking one glass of red wine a night, not multiple.
19. Before making hotel reservations, I look for those that have a fitness center or a health club nearby.
20. I pack my running shoes and running clothes, so I have no excuse to not run while traveling.
21. If I can find it on the road , one of my favorite desserts is a ‘15-calorie’, sugar-free Popsicle.
22. For dinner, I order at least one vegetable as a side-dish. It’s both filling and healthy.
23. I stay away from fast-food chains, even when it’s convenient.
24. During breaks in meetings, I try to reach for water and fruit instead of coffee and cookies.
25. As a hobby gourmet cook, I get inspired by trying the local cuisine and regional dishes, but will balance my diet with lower-calorie choices or cut back on other foods.




























Scott Goudeseune has more than 20 years experience in extensive operations, sales and marketing for fitness and consumer based companies. At ACE, he oversees all aspects of operations and provides extensive leadership and direction for all business activities.