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Dr. Ashael “Ash” E. Hayes: Celebrating more than Sixty Years of Service

Dr. Asahel “Ash” E. Hayes, former Executive Director of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports (PCPFS) and current members of ACE’s Board of Directors, has been a prominent member of the fitness industry for more than sixty years.  While his appointment to the PCPFS under Presidents Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan may be his most nationally-recognizable role, Dr. Hayes has been a lifelong advocate of physical fitness, exercise and health through sports and physical activity.  He has been a champion of change through various membership positions including the executive board of the U.S. Olympics Committee, the district administrator of health, physical education and athletics for the San Diego Unified School.  Dr. Hayes also served as chairman of development physical education and junior supervisor of physical education at the University of California, Los Angeles.

In addition to a career devoted to the advancement of physical activity nationwide, Dr. Hayes has been instrumental as an influential voice within the fitness industry.  He has published or co-authored more than 80 manuals, guides and articles, has given more than 500 conference and meeting presentations, and currently serves in a leadership position for eight international and national professional organizations, including ACE.  Serving eight terms on ACE’s Board of Directors, currently as the emeritus historian, Dr. Hayes provides valuable expertise and leadership to support ACE’s mission of enriching quality of life through safe and effective exercise.  He draws on decades of experience promoting physical activity and exercise to lend indispensible insight to ACE on policy, governance and the general promotion of the organization.

Dr. Hayes also currently serves on the budget advisory committee and alumni council board of directors for California State University and the physical education and health subject committee for the California State Board of Education, and is Chairman of the Board for the San Diego Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.

In recognition of his six decades of devotion to the promotion of physical activity and exercise, Dr. Hayes was awarded with the PCPFS 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award in March 2010.  The PCPFS Lifetime Achievement Award is a prestigious honor awarded annually to outstanding individuals who have greatly contributed to the advancement of physical activity, fitness or sports nationwide.  It joins Dr. Hayes’ impressive roster of honors that include the American Medical Association Award of Recognition for Contributions in Exercise and Fitness, American Legion Citation for Meritorious Service for Contribution to Youth Sports, Kiwanis International Distinguished Service Award and US Department of Health and Human Services Award for Public Service.

The President’s Council Lifetime Achievement Award is a crowning achievement for Dr. Hayes in a career that has included significant strides for the public’s recognition of the value of physical activity and exercise.

“ACE has grown to be the leader in fitness certification, professional programs for fitness personnel and a voice to educate the public on physical fitness and exercise.  ACE certifications for Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist and Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultants are industry leaders. It has been my honor and privilege to serve as an ACE active and emeritus board member.”

Ash Hayes, Ed.D.