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Career Active 9 Benefits of Working as a Club-based Personal Trainer

9 Benefits of Working as a Club-based Personal Trainer

Are you a newly certified personal trainer who dreams of opening a fitness studio or helping clients directly in their homes? While these are certainly viable career options, it can take considerable resources and time to develop an extensive list of clients who can provide you with a steady source of income. If you want to start your new fitness career with a successful foundation, here are nine reasons you should seriously consider working in a health club.

Active A Yearly Workout Plan

A Yearly Workout Plan

Even if you’re not up for a pro contract or college scholarship, or competing for a gold medal, you can use periodization to achieve your personal fitness goals. Here are six things to know about how periodization can help you design an exercise program that delivers results, along with some ideas for how you can create your own periodized workout plan for the coming year.

Fitness Active One Weight Workout Series: The Barbell

One Weight Workout Series: The Barbell

To help you and your clients save time and maximize the efficiency of their workouts, we present the One Weight Workout series, with each workout featuring a single piece of equipment. This installment focuses on the barbell, which can be used for a variety of exercises to increase muscular strength while also boosting caloric burn.

Fitness Active Santa Workout

Santa Workout

Don’t let the cold weather or seasonal demands derail you from your hard efforts the rest of the year. If you don’t want to be mistaken for jolly old Saint Nick, this no-equipment necessary workout program can help you maintain your fitness and body weight, even if you don’t have time to make it to the gym.

Wellness Active Fit Gifts for 2016

Fit Gifts for 2016

Looking for the perfect gift for the fitness junkies in your life? Look no further—here are some great and anything-but-typical options that will help take some of the stress out of choosing gifts that your friends and loved ones will cherish for years to come.

Fitness Active 4-Week Progression Workout

4-Week Progression Workout

Compound exercises such as the Romanian deadlift and the Turkish get-up are super efficient for producing strength gains. Learn how to combine some of the most effective compound exercises (all of which were recently featured in ACE ProSource), in a workout program that is sure to produce incredible results.

Fitness Active Total Body Medicine Ball Workout

Total Body Medicine Ball Workout

On those days when you make it to the gym only to find that all of your favorite equipment is being used, you can take comfort in knowing that you can still get a great workout with this medicine ball circuit.

Career Active Health and Fitness Trends You'll See in 2017

Health and Fitness Trends You'll See in 2017

ACE pro Pete McCall describes what he believes will be the biggest health and fitness trends of 2017.

Wellness Active 8 Ways Marijuana Affects the Body’s Response to Exercise

8 Ways Marijuana Affects the Body’s Response to Exercise

Regardless of your personal stance on the legalization of marijuana, as a health and fitness professional you must have an understanding of how marijuana affects normal physiological function so that you can help your clients make the best decisions for their health and fitness. Here are eight things to know about how this drug affects the body, each of which could have an impact on your client’s exercise program.

Active Calorie-Burning Election Day Workout

Calorie-Burning Election Day Workout

Make going to the polls part of your workout program this election day. Here are six ideas for turning your trip to the polling booth into an opportunity to exercise and burn a few calories while you participate in the democratic process of selecting new officials.

Fitness Active Spooky Spine-Tingling Halloween Workout

Spooky Spine-Tingling Halloween Workout

For many, Halloween marks the start of the gluttonous holiday season, when it seems as though there are food-laden gatherings every time you turn around. Fortunately, you don’t have to be afraid of adding weight or losing your hard-earned gains this time of year. Here is a Halloween-themed workout that can help you stay fit and trim.

Wellness Active Exercise for Each Decade of the Adult Lifespan

Exercise for Each Decade of the Adult Lifespan

Until we develop the ability to travel back in time, we have to accept the fact that we can't stop the aging process. The good news is that a healthy lifestyle can be the proverbial fountain of youth and help you to slow down, and in some cases, reverse the effects of aging. Here are some general considerations for exercise, nutrition and lifestyle choices for each decade of the adult lifespan.

Fitness Active IDEA World 2016 Recap

IDEA World 2016 Recap

The annual IDEA World Convention combines education, networking, social opportunities and an extensive expo hall featuring a wide variety of vendors into a single, “not to be missed” event. Whether you are a seasoned personal trainer with years of experience or a newbie motivated to learn more about fitness, IDEA World features dozens of education sessions and scores of vendors. There’s a little something for everyone.

Wellness Active 7 Ways to Stay Cool this Summer

7 Ways to Stay Cool this Summer

Don’t let the heat keep you from your favorite activities. Here are seven strategies for staying cool during summer workouts.

Fitness Active Dynamic Circuit Training for Weight Loss

Dynamic Circuit Training for Weight Loss

While cardiovascular exercise can be effective for burning the calories required for weight loss, it’s not always the best option for those who don’t enjoy it. Fortunately, there is another way to use exercise for weight loss: circuit training!

Active Why You Should Be Lifting Heavy

Why You Should Be Lifting Heavy

If you find yourself not making any gains or simply want a different exercise program, here are six ways using heavy weights can help you make the changes you want to see in your body.

Fitness Active Why Foam Rolling Doesn't Eliminate Cellulite

Why Foam Rolling Doesn't Eliminate Cellulite

Even if they can’t eliminate cellulite, foam rollers are great tools for keeping people active. Here are five specific benefits that you can experience from using a foam roller as part of your fitness program.

Behavior Change Active The Benefits of Exercise on Mental Health

The Benefits of Exercise on Mental Health

If you’ve been contemplating becoming more physically active, it’s important to recognize that regular exercise can not only help you look better, it can help you feel better, too. Here are six ways exercise can help improve your overall mental health and outlook.

Fitness Active 5 Need-to-Know Fitness Career Myths

5 Need-to-Know Fitness Career Myths

People across the globe are becoming interested in careers that allow them to share their passion for health and fitness with others. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the fitness industry, this one’s for you!

Active Exercises to Improve Your Golf Swing

Exercises to Improve Your Golf Swing

If you’re looking for ways to improve your mobility, movement, coordination and strength specifically for the purpose of golf, consider adding the following movements to your exercise program. These exercises will not only help you improve your golf swing, but also reduce your likelihood of developing a low-back injury.

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