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Guide patients through treatment into recovery and long-term survivorship

Working with cancer patients and survivors requires empathy, compassion, and comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter. Upon becoming a Cancer Exercise Specialist, you will possess the practical, hands-on skills needed to guide patients through treatment into recovery and long-term survivorship. No two cancer patients are the same, which is why it’s critical to learn from the only organization that emphasizes completely individualized programming. Through a comprehensive step-by-step process, you will learn from renowned expert Andrea Leonard, President and founder of the Cancer Exercise Training Institute, how to create an individualized, comprehensive, and safe exercise recovery program.

The Cancer Exercise Training Institute, and formerly the Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation, has been training health and fitness professionals to work safely and effectively with cancer patients since 1995, long before any other organization was offering such training. The Cancer Exercise Training Institute is the “gold standard,” and has trained more Cancer Exercise Specialists internationally than any other organization. The Cancer Exercise Specialist course is thoughtfully presented to reinforce key concepts through four handbook modules, as well as four comprehensive video modules and exams.

It takes a special, compassionate person to work with cancer patients—and requires a deep understanding of exercise oncology—but it is one of the most rewarding opportunities you will have in your career. The Cancer Exercise Specialist program will give you the tools and confidence that you need to work safely and effectively with cancer patients and survivors.

Who is it designed for?

This specialist program was developed for compassionate, empathetic health and fitness professionals seeking to gain a complete understanding of the entire cancer process from diagnosis and treatment to reconstruction and survivorship. This program was designed to empower you to attain a higher level of mastery and work with cancer patients during and after cancer surgery and treatment and into survivorship.

How do I earn one?

To become a Cancer Exercise Specialist, you will complete four modules, each of which requires reading a handbook, watching a video and passing a 25-question exam. Upon completion, you will be recognized as a Cancer Exercise Specialist by the Cancer Exercise Training Institute. This specialist program is valued at 1.7 continuing education hours.

In order to help you grow your business and make it easy for cancer patients and survivors to find you, upon completion of the exams you will be added to the International Cancer Exercise Specialist Directory for the length that your Specialist designation remains current. Please note: you will need to contact CETI with contact information and credentials that you would like to see listed on the CES directory.

To maintain your Specialist designation, you will be required to requalify every two years. This ensures that all Cancer Exercise Specialists maintain a high level of proficiency within the ever-changing field of cancer treatments and procedures.

Continuing education for the CEU credits will only be accepted from the Cancer Exercise Training Institute. In lieu of CEUs, however, participants may choose to receive the latest version of the CES Handbook and re-test for their renewal.