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Your exam day is almost here! You may be nervously flicking through a few quick notes, or perhaps you’re getting read to confidently stride to your location. Either way, here are some very important last minute tips!

1. Print and take your admission ticket.

Once you are logged in to your ACE account, you can locate your admission ticket by clicking directly on “Please click here to print your admission ticket.”

Exam Day

Or you can click on the “My Scheduled Exams and Results” link under My Exam Information on the left hand side of your account. You can print your admission ticket from this area as soon as your registration is confirmed up until the day of your exam.

2. Take your photo ID and make sure your name on the admission ticket matches your ID.

You must bring an official ID such as a driver license, military-issued ID or passport with a photo and signature. School or work IDs are not considered official identifications and will not be accepted. Your official ID must also be current. Expired documentation and/or temporary IDs cannot be accepted. Your first and last name (don’t worry about your middle name) on the admission ticket must exactly match your official ID.

3. Positive self-talk.

A little pep talk can go a long way! Tell yourself you are prepared, you are ready to give it your best and you are going to pass. Take a deep breath and trust in your knowledge and exam preparation.

4. Arrive on time.

You don’t want to get stuck in traffic and feel panicked while trying to find a parking space or the testing room. So plan ahead. You might even considering going the day before (if possible) to check out your exam location and find a convenient place to park.  

5. Complete the Exam Program Tutorial.

Before you get started with your exam, you have the opportunity to use a demo of the exam program. Make sure you are familiar with navigating between questions, flagging and unflagging questions for follow-up, hiding the timer/clock and accessing the calculator. Tip: The asterisk (*) is the multiplication button and the forward slash (/) is the division button.

You can also access the exam program demo ahead of time:

If you have any questions, please contact our Resource Center on 800-825-3636, Ext. 796. From Study Coach Belinda, Good luck in your exam!