Mollie Martin by Mollie Martin

Have you taken a moment to familiarize yourself with the Study Companion or Master the Manual (depending on which certification you’re pursuing) that arrived with your study package? This study guide is a handy tool to use while studying for the ACE exam, so be sure to use it to your full advantage.

ACE manuals are extremely comprehensive. In fact, there is more information in a manual than can possibly be covered on the ACE exam, as it is designed to serve as both a study reference and a career resource. The purpose of the supporting study materials is to help you focus on the topics that are more likely to be addressed on the exam. The Study Companion includes chapter summary reviews, multiple-choice questions and answer explanations for all the chapters and the appendices.

Note: The actual ACE Exam is comprised of multiple-choice questions only. There is, however, value in understanding the material in different formats, as well.

ACE recommends following these steps when using the study support materials:


Read the student objectives for each chapter so you know what you are meant to learn as you read through the corresponding ACE manual (Personal Trainer, Health Coach, or Medical Exercise Specialist). As you read through the chapter, take notes and pay attention to the boldface vocabulary words.  This content highlights valuable information that is relevant, both in importance and frequency of application or occurrence in the practice of being a health and fitness professional. 


After reading each chapter, take time to define the boldface vocabulary words from the chapter. Write these definitions out on paper to help you better remember the material. You don’t need to memorize every single definition, but having a good idea of what each term means will help you on the exam and after you become a certified health and fitness professional.  Understanding the terms will better help you apply their concepts in real-life situations.


After defining the vocabulary words, skim the chapter again and attempt to answer the multiple-choice questions in the Study Companion without referencing the manual. Check your answers on the following page. Make a note of the questions you answered incorrectly and then go back to the chapter to learn why your answer was incorrect. This will help you better understand the concept in the future. If you guessed on any questions that you answered correctly, make sure you understand the reasoning behind the concepts.


Return to the Summary Review at the start of each chapter of the Study Companion and identify any areas that are still unclear or that you would like to learn more about. Refer to those areas in the related sections of the ACE manual.