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You’ve finished your studies, scheduled your ACE exam at a computer-based testing location and now the exam date is just around the corner. You’re probably curious about what to bring, what to expect, and how soon you will get your results. What follows is a list of frequently asked pre-exam day questions and more.

Admission Ticket

Your admission ticket will be emailed to you upon completion of registering for your ACE exam. Please allow 2-3 business days for registrations where special testing accommodations are needed.

Where can I find my admission ticket if I lost the email?

Once you are logged in to your ACE account, you can locate your admission ticket by clicking on the “My Exam Information” link. Your admission ticket can be printed from this area as soon as your registration is confirmed and up until the day of your exam.

Exam is Showing "On Hold"

I’ve followed the instructions in my confirmation email to access my admission ticket, and my exam says there is a hold. Is there a problem?

No need to panic. There is nothing wrong with your exam registration, but you have been selected as part of the ACE CPR/AED audit. Follow the instructions sent to you in a separate email for instructions on how to clear this hold. Your admission ticket is still accessible and may be printed while we wait for your CPR/AED card to be submitted to the ACE Exam Registration Department. You will be permitted to sit for your exam even if your CPR/AED card has not yet reached us, but remember that if you do pass the exam, you are not officially an ACE-certified Professional until we can verify this information.

What to Bring with you on Exam Day

To take your ACE exam, you must bring the following items with you to the testing center:

  • Your admission ticket.There is a password on the admission ticket that the proctor will need to log you into your ACE exam. It is important that the first and last name on your admission ticket matches the first and last name on your official ID. If you have registered with a nickname or hyphenated name, please contact the ACE Exam Registration Department to update your information. (Note: We are not concerned with middle names or middle initials.)
  • Your official current photo ID.You must bring an official current ID such as a driver license, military-issued ID or passport with a photo and signature. School or work IDs are not considered an official ID and will not be accepted. Your official ID must also be current. Expired documentation and/or temporary IDs cannot be accepted.

Prohibited Items

The following items are not allowed in the testing center:

  • Any electronic devices, including cell phones, cameras, calculators (except as expressly permitted by the test sponsor), iPods, mp3 players, headphones, pagers, computers, PDAs, or other electronic devices with one or more memories
  • Personal writing utensils (including pencils, pens, and highlighters), notes, books, book bags, luggage, or purses
  • Coats, jackets, watches, hats, hoods, or other headgear
  • Food and beverages

Please note that sweaters and sweatshirts without pockets or hoods are permitted.

You made it!

You have arrived at your testing site on time and are ready to go. The proctor will assist you with putting any personal belongings in a secured area, if necessary. You should also be made aware of the water fountains and restrooms nearest to the testing area. Just remember, if you get up during your exam, the timer is still ticking away.

Time to Get Started

You will be seated at a computer and the proctor will log you into your exam. You will have the choice to “View Demo” or “Begin Test.” It is highly recommended that all candidates view the demo prior to beginning their exam. This will ensure that you clearly understand how to navigate between test questions, mark questions for follow-up, and return to those questions when you are ready. Remember, you can also view the demo any time during the exam if you need assistance navigating. It is the candidate’s responsibility to know how to navigate, because proctors can only assist with technical issues.

Is this a timed exam? 

Yes, the ACE exam does have a time limit. Once you click on the “Begin Test” button, a countdown timer will appear at the top of your computer screen, indicating that you have three hours of testing time (unless special accommodations have been previously arranged). You will have 150 multiple-choice questions to complete in this timeframe. Some connections will be faster than others, so don’t worry if your refresh time is not as quick as your computer at home. The timer does not count down during a refresh from question to question.

I finished my exam!

Once you have finished your exam, be sure to hit the “Submit” button to view your test scores. They will appear upon completion of your exam while you are at the site. You will be asked to type in the words “I understand” so the system is sure that you are not accidentally submitting before you’re ready. There will be a very short optional survey and then your scores should be displayed. Do not close that screen before seeing your scores and having the proctor print them out. You can also view your score report in your ACE account under the “My Exam Information.”