Nicole Thompson by Nicole Thompson

After beginning your studies, it’s normal to feel slightly overwhelmed, lose motivation, or stop studying altogether. If you are finding yourself struggling to study, you are not alone! This blog covers ten tips to help you get back on track and find the motivation you need to keep studying.  

  1. Get organized. Sometimes we procrastinate when we don’t know how or where to start. However, if you can create a plan, the tasks ahead of you will seem more manageable. Create a plan with detailed steps and deadlines indicating what you will cover and when. Think about implementing SMART goals and create a schedule that is compatible with your schedule and lifestyle.
  2. Know what works for you. There are a lot of materials and resources you can utilize. While there is no substitute for reading the book, there are tools to help you better comprehend the material. Experiment with the learning tools included in your study program and see what works for you.
  3. Get rid of distractions. It is easy to procrastinate when you have something that is pulling your attention in another direction. Don’t study while watching television, put away your phone, and ask your family and friends to respect your study time. You’ll be more productive and intentional with your study time if you are fully engaged.
  4. Tackle the most challenging part first. It’s easy to put aside the hardest tasks, topics, or time-consuming responsibilities. But similarly, to exercising, what you ignore, won’t improve. Identify your weak areas and tackle those first. Once you have the hard part out of the way, the rest will be more enjoyable.
  5. Use incentives. If giving yourself an incentive helps you to pick up the books, then use one. Maybe you allow yourself a walk or 30 minutes of relaxation after completing your goal for the day. Acknowledge what you have completed and reward yourself when you’ve reached the milestone you set.
  6. Start and your mood will catch up. If you feel unmotivated to study, try taking the first step and just start studying - you may find your attitude or mentality changes. Get out your books and begin reading. Once you start, your mood can catch up.
  7. Revisit your why. Another tip to help you pick up your studies, is revisiting why you decided to pursue this in the first place. Think about what motivated you initially and why this is important.
  8. Get excited. If you feel you must do something, you may be less inclined to do it rather than if you want to. Try to reframe your thoughts and attitude towards studying so it has a more positive association. Instead of “I have to”, try “I want to”.
  9. Some is better than none. Do a little every day and make a habit out of it. Even if you only dedicate 20 minutes a day, it is better than none. Just like exercise, you need to maintain consistency if you want to achieve results.
  10. Announce your goal. If you share your goal with someone, that will make you more likely to accomplish it. Having a support system or someone to hold you accountable is a great way to reach a goal.