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As of November 1, 2019, a new Exam Content Outline for the ACE Group Fitness Instructor certification exam will go live. Keep reading for more information to help you successfully prepare for the exam:

How has the exam content outline changed?

The domain names have changed slightly and the percentage breakdown for each domain has changed, as seen below:


Present Exam Content Outline Domain Breakdown

New Exam Content Outline Domain Breakdown (goes live November 1, 2019)

Domain 1

Class Planning and Design- 32%

Class Preparation- 34%

Domain 2

Group Leadership and Instruction- 49%

Group Instruction and Leadership- 39%

Domain 3

Professional Conduct, Safety, and Risk Management- 19%

Professional Conduct and Risk Management- 27%

Additionally, the associated task, knowledge, and skill statements for each domain have been updated to reflect the current role of a Group Fitness Instructor.

Why has the exam content outline changed?

These changes to the exam content outline are being made to reflect the current Group Fitness Instructor industry, as the industry has evolved since the original exam content outline was created five years ago.

When will the exam change to reflect the new exam content outline?

The exam will change to reflect the new exam content outline on November 1, 2019. New questions are rotated into ACE certification exams on a regular basis each year. This is something ACE does with all four certification programs.

If you would like to view the new GFI Exam Content Outline come November 1st, you can do so here: GFI ECO Interim PDF.pdf

Can I still use my Group Fitness Instructor Handbook to study for my exam?

Yes, ACE still recommends that you use your Group Fitness Instructor Handbook to study for your Group Fitness Instructor certification exam, as the study materials have not changed.

In summary, you can still prepare for and have success on the ACE Group Fitness Instructor certification exam using the ACE Group Fitness Instructor Handbook and associated materials. Continue with your current study plan using all print and online study materials that you purchased, including any sample tests. Once you feel prepared for the exam and a career as a Group Fitness Instructor, log into your My ACE account to register for your examination. If your study materials included an exam voucher, you will want to make sure that you register for an exam before your voucher expires. You can, however choose an exam date beyond your exam vouchers expiration deadline. You will need to have current CPR/AED information in your ACE account in order to register for the examination.

Do you still have questions about the exam or your preparation? 

Please visit ACE Answers where you can find answers to commonly asked study questions, review exam prep blogs, sign up for free webinars and virtual study groups, watch helpful videos and recorded lectures, and register for personalized tutoring. You can also connect with ACE Study Coaches and other exam candidates by visiting the ACE Answers Facebook page where you can ask and get answers to questions from your peers.

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