Scott Goudeseune

Chief Executive Officer

Living the ACE Mission. Scott lives the ACE mission by taking daily early morning walks, practicing weight bearing exercises, and keeping active through household chores. He loves to cook and does his best to eat a healthy diet. When encouraging others to get moving, Scott recommends do what you can and don’t feel bad if your daily movement doesn’t go as planned. Tomorrow truly is another day to make a difference. 

Working at ACE. Scott is the chief executive officer and ACE board member. A typical day includes focusing on long-term organizational goals and collaborative meetings alongside his fellow ACE executives to set and carry out ACE organizational activities. He truly believes that you are only as good as the people around you, and surrounding himself with exceptional talent has elevated his personal success as a leader. Aside from his internal ACE collaboration, Scott also spends time serving on national and international boards. 

Education and Experience. Scott brings 25 more than years in the fitness industry and has led teams for 40 years with various organizations. In addition, Scott serves on the National Foundation on Fitness, Sport, and Nutrition, the Campaign to End Obesity, IHRSA Industry Leadership Council, the Global Network of National Health Fitness Alliance, and Augie's Quest Advisory Council. 

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