Lauren Shroyer by Lauren Shroyer

It is no secret that personal trainers frequently see clients who struggle to keep a consistent exercise program in the face of acute or chronic orthopedic conditions. In my career as a boutique studio operator and educational speaker for almost 20 years, I’ve consistently heard personal trainers who hesitate to work with this population out of fear. Sometimes it is a fear of hurting the client, but more often it has been a fear that they don’t fully understand how to implement the complicated tools they learned in other programs. I always found that sentiment so disheartening for both the trainer and the client.  

These observations along with the question, "How can ACE best support our Certified Professionals with this course?" led to ACE’s newest continuing education course, the Orthopedic Exercise Specialist Program.  

The ACE Orthopedic Exercise Specialist Program focuses on how to create personalized programs for the client—an essential element when working with populations who live with chronic orthopedic conditions. Through a five-step method, exercise professionals will know how to recognize their clients’ needs, apply appropriate exercise programming techniques and achieve results that support the end goal identified by the client. In addition, the program provides exercise professionals with insight on how to effectively partner with medical professionals to improve a client’s continuity of care and enhance the exercise professional’s referral business. 

The ACE Orthopedic Exercise Specialist Program arms professionals with a client-centered, integrated approach to efficient movement, so they can support clients in achieving improved mobility, stability and strength. With millions of Americans experiencing chronic pain due to a variety orthopedic issues, this type of program is greatly needed to help those who normally wouldn’t think an active lifestyle is possible, to get moving.