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September 2010

ACE in the News

Serving as America’s Authority on Fitness®, ACE and its extended spokesperson network are regularly featured or quoted in print, online and broadcast media, reaching more than 450 million people each year. Check out these recent highlights:

aol (July 21, 2010) – In "The Bone-Building Workout" by Linda Melone, Robyn Stuhr, clinical exercise physiologist and ACE spokesperson, explains which types of exercises help build strong bones. According to Stuhr, strength training should be performed several times a week, while weightbearing cardio exercise should be performed a little more often. She also adds that the amount of weight one should use varies, depending on an individual’s overall health and level of bone fitness.

mens fitness


Men’ (July 1, 2010) – In “What You Need to Know About H2O,” ACE exercise physiologist Fabio Comana addresses the potential connection between proper hydration during exercise and seeing results from workouts. The article is also full of helpful tips on how proper hydration can help with mental clarity, weight loss and one’s general appearance.


southern living


Southern Living (July 1, 2010) – Are you or one of your clients interested in competing in a triathlon, but not quite sure which exercises should be incorporated into your training regimen? ACE spokesperson Leigh Crews has some answers to get you started in “Triathlon Tips for the Rest of Us.” Her suggestions include adding side-to-side exercises to strengthen your entire body.



web md


Web MD (June 23, 2010) – ACE exercise physiologist Pete McCall offers advice about how to get the most out of upper-body toning workouts with seated pulldowns, seated rows and plank-ups. He also explains why chair dips are ideal for working the triceps.

Visit ACE’s pressroom to view the full articles.

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ACE Partners with Henkel to Promote Youth Fitness

What would your school do with $25,000 to improve youth fitness? ACE teams with Henkel, the company behind some of the nation’s leading consumer brands, on a new campaign to help kids get fit.
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ACE in the News

ACE is regularly featured in the media, reaching more than 450 million people each year. From a Men’s Fitness article highlighting the connection between proper hydration and workout results, to WebMD discussing how to get the most out of your upper-body toning workouts, read the latest from ACE in the News.

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Ace Certified News

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