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Feature Articles

Are Some Yoga Poses More Harmful Than Helpful?

By MEGAN SENGER If an exercise is considered “contraindicated” or “high-risk” in the gym, can it still be beneficial in a mind-body setting? Three experts weigh in on what fitness professionals need to know about certain yoga poses.

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Is Yoga Hazardous or Helpful? The Biomechanics and Benefits of Advanced Yoga Postures

By Megan Senger Sustained neck extension, full range-of-motion squats and loading of the cervical spine. Are they harmful, or healing moves? Read on to discover more about the biomechanics of advanced yoga postures that might raise concerns in the eyes of fitness professionals.
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Follow-up Q and A: Are Some Yoga Poses More Harmful Than Helpful?

by Megan Senger Our article on harmful yoga poses generated a flood of comments from readers wanting to share their experiences and explore the benefits (and potential hazards) of other common poses. Check out these follow-up answers from author Megan Segner and her team of yoga experts.

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Yoga and Posture

By BETH SHAW Yoga is particularly effective for enhancing posture because it massages the skeletal system, which supports bone mass and growth, while reducing stress on the supporting muscles and tendons. The key is to focus on opening the pectorals and strengthening the back and core. Here are some great poses you can use with your clients to help improve their posture.

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Are Fitness Professionals Qualified to Teach Yoga?

By Megan Senger Given yoga’s widespread popularity, you may sometimes feel inspired—or compelled—to include a few yoga poses in your clients’ workouts, or to even teach a yoga class. But exactly who is qualified to teach yoga? We examine the current yoga-training debate and show how you can safely help your clients benefit from this popular mind-body discipline.

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Yoga for Personal Trainers

By Megan Senger Yoga has never been more popular—and for good reason. This mind-body specialty emphasizes multi-joint exercises and enhances body awareness, functional strength and flexibility. Stretch the boundaries of your usual personal-training routines by adding yoga poses to your exercise repertoire.

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Yoga Therapy: A New Fitness Niche

By Megan Senger Yoga therapy features a broad range of mind-body-based healing tools in conjunction with exercise and is becoming increasingly popular. Learn how you can boost your business through referrals with yoga therapists, or by becoming trained in this specialized mind-body practice.

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Part of our mission at ACE is to connect qualified fitness professionals with people who need them most, which we do through our Find an ACE Trainer tool at Make sure you’re putting your best foot forward by updating your My ACE profile today.
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Mindful Movement Specialist and award-winning group fitness instructor Lawrence Biscontini will host several sessions at ACE West on May 16-18 in San Diego. Reserve your spot for the three-day event today to join him and other industry leaders as they share their expertise on cutting-edge topics like biomechanics and behavior modification.
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Deliver holistic wellness programs to your clients as a Mind Body Specialist. Our ACE Specialty Certification provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to use yoga and Pilates with your clients to improve posture, reduce stress and build strength.
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