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September 2010

ACE's 2010
Fitness Salary
Survey Results

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Feature Articles

WORKOUT WATCHDOG: Does the Insanity Program Produce Insane Results?

While most infomercial products promise dramatic results with little or no effort, the Insanity 60-Day Workout Program takes a “no pain, no gain” approach to exercise. If you want a rock-hard body, you’re going to have to work for it. Don’t miss ACE’s expert review of this popular workout program.
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GOAL!!! Develop Winning Soccer Training Programs Using the ACE IFT™ Model

By FABIO COMANA, M.A., M.S. Wildly popular among the rest of the world, soccer is finally gaining a loyal following in the United States as well. Take advantage of soccer’s surging popularity following World Cup 2010 by designing training programs for both professional athletes and weekend warriors looking to improve conditioning, agility and soccer-specific skills.
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GFI Series: Do Group Fitness Professionals Hold the Key to Helping America’s Youth Get Fit?

BY CHRIS FREYTAG Some experts are predicting that the next generation may be the first to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. The reason: childhood obesity and sedentary lifestyles. Rather than sit on the sidelines, Chris Freytag urges fitness professionals to look for ways to help kids in their communities become more active and fit—and possibly grow their businesses at the same time.
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ACE-sponsored Research: Exploring the Effects of Music on Exercise Intensity

By CARL FOSTER, Ph.D., and JOHN POCARI, Ph.D., with MARK ANDERS “Music is like a legal drug for athletes,” says one of the leading authorities on music and exercise. New ACE-sponsored research confirms that claim, with seven studies demonstrating the power of music to improve exercise performance and, of course, make it more enjoyable. Learn how to apply this research to enhance your clients’ workout experiences.
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Music Management: Effectively (and Legally) Unleash the Power of Music

By LAWRENCE BISCONTINI, M.A. ACE research confirms the potential power of music, but it’s up to you to choose the right music for a class or workout. Lawrence Biscontini explains how to unleash the power of music to help clients get the most from their workouts, and why it is so important professionals only use music obtained from legal sources.
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Nutrition Spotlight

Are calcium supplements safe for post-menopausal women? Does glucosamine help relieve the pain of osteoarthritis? Learn the answers to these questions and more and stay up-to-date on the latest research findings so you can offer your clients and students the guidance they need.
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ACE Partners with Henkel to Promote Youth Fitness

What would your school do with $25,000 to improve youth fitness? ACE teams with Henkel, the company behind some of the nation’s leading consumer brands, on a new campaign to help kids get fit.
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ACE in the News

ACE is regularly featured in the media, reaching more than 450 million people each year. From a Men’s Fitness article highlighting the connection between proper hydration and workout results, to WebMD discussing how to get the most out of your upper-body toning workouts, read the latest from ACE in the News.

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