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(ACE) American Council on Exercise

4851 Paramount Drive
San Diego, California 92123

Phone: 1-858-576-6500
Phone: 1-888-825-3636
Fax: 1-858-576-6564

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Please refer to the following list so that your questions and comments can be forwarded to the person who can best answer them. If you are unsure of whom you need to speak to, contact customer service at 1-888-825-3636 or email

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Our Call Center hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. (PST).

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Professional Education

Questions about:
  • Rescheduling Live Programs - 1-888-825-3636 x713
  • How to become a CEC provider - 1-888-825-3636 x758
  • CEC course approval - 1-888-825-3636 x758
  • How to offer your facility as a host site - 1-888-825-3636 x713
  • Leasing the ACE mailing list - 1-888-825-3636 x757

Phone: See above
Fax: 1-858-576-6564 - Attention: Academy



ACE Resource Center

Please contact the ACE Resource Center, a benefit of your ACE certification, for help in the following:
  • Support and material references for certified professionals
  • Relevant and current fitness information for public interest
  • Questions regarding exam preparation

Phone: 1-888-825-3636
Fax: 1-858-576-6564 - Attention: Resource Center



Exam Registration

Questions about:
  • Registering for ACE certification exams
  • Exam rescheduling and transferring to another exam date or site
  • Exam refunds
  • How the exams are developed
  • Hosting an exam site
  • How the ACE exams are scored

Phone: 1-888-825-3636 ext 783
Fax: 1-858-576-6564 - Attention: Certifications



Educational Services

Questions about:
  • Purchasing books, study materials or apparel
  • Requesting ACE brochures
  • Certification requirements and exam dates
  • Product shipments
  • Refunds
  • Recertification (renewal)
  • Use of the ACE Pro Site
  • Career benefits
  • Status of certification
  • CEC status
  • Liability insurance
  • Secondary certification
  • Available CEC courses
  • Eligible CEC activities (alternative to attending a class)

Phone: 1-888-825-3636
Fax: 1-858-576-6564 - Attention: Educational Services






Commercial and Institutional Accounts

Questions about:
  • The ACE University Curriculum Program
  • The ACE Club Program
  • Facility staffing, education and professional development programs

Phone: 1-888-825-3636 x785
Fax: 1-858-576-6564 - Attention: Accounts



Public Relations and Media Affairs

Questions about:
  • Expert Press Interviews, Articles & Segments
  • Latest Research & Studies
  • Public Service Campaigns

Phone: 1-858-576-3636 x757
Fax: 1-858-576-6564 - Attention: Public Relations



Strategic Alliances and International Development

Questions about:
  • Partnerships
  • Educational and professional development outside of the United States

Phone: 1-888-825-3636 x873
Fax: 1-858-576-6564 - Attention: Partnerships