Shane Kinkennon

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer (COO), Shane Kinkennon is responsible for ACE’s strategic and operating planning, operations management, human capital management, leadership development, and adherence to rigorous business-management practices. Kinkennon oversees the organization’s operations function as well as its issue advocacy, communications, public affairs, community engagement, and other areas of work. Hired as ACE Chief Strategy Officer in June 2017, Kinkennon became COO in July 2018. Before joining ACE, he served as project lead for the ACE-funded Prescription for Activity (PfA) Task Force—a national group of business, academic, philanthropic, and government experts spanning preventive-care, disease prevention, care delivery, public health, and fitness. Kinkennon served in that capacity while serving as cofounder and partner at the strategic-planning firm Wolfe Kinkennon, where he worked with a diverse set of clients that included a task force of state Medicaid directors, benefit decision-makers at the nation's leading health plans, education advocates (with national reach), and leading national outdoor-recreation groups. In Kinkennon's 11-year tenure as principal of the firm Kinkennon Communications, Inc., he helped corporate public-affairs teams, major industry trade associations, and charitable funders deploy communications strategy in pursuit of issue advocacy and regulatory-affairs aims. He also spent two decades designing, leading and supporting comprehensive public-affairs campaigns on health, financial services, retail, technology, education reform, and other policy issues. He and his spouse Dennis are avid mountain bikers and fitness and nutrition buffs. They live in San Diego with their two dogs.

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