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ACE continues to set the industry standard for personal training certification and education materials with the launch of the 6th edition of the ACE Personal Trainer Study Program. This study program includes a multidimensional learning experience that offers intelligent technology, custom interactions and dedicated support, all designed to  prepare exam candidates not only to pass the ACE Personal Trainer Certification exam, but also for a rewarding career of empowering clients to achieve better health and fitness. 

The centerpiece of this new study program is the ACE Integrated Fitness Training® (ACE IFT®) ModelWhile the science underpinning the ACE IFT Model remains, and has in fact been bolstered by recent research, the implementation of the Model has been streamlined and the terminology has been simplified in an effort to make the Model  easier to understand , more practical and straightforward to use with clients. In other words, with the updated ACE IFT Model, exam candidates for the ACE Personal Trainer Certification exam will not only better grasp the science behind the Model, they will be able to apply it in their day-to-day work. 

Another element of the textbook that differentiates it within the fitness industry is its focus on a client-centered approach to personal training. The ACE Mover Method™ and ACE ABC Approach™, which are introduced in this text for the first time, will help trainers empower their clients to make behavioral changes to improve their health, fitness and overall quality of life through the use of purposeful collaboration. The key is that clients are genuinely viewed as resourceful and capable of change and therefore play an active role in charting a course of action. 

The ACE Personal Trainer Study Program offers a true integration of the art and science of personal training. By combining anatomy, physiology and evidence-based approaches to exercise programming with the principles of motivation, adherence, and behavior change, ACE has created a unique and comprehensive guide to empowering clients to make lifestyle changes and pursue goals that align with their values and personal needs. This study program and learning experience are an exciting step forward for ACE and the fitness industry as a whole. 

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