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ACE Integrated fitness Training® Model

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A 35-year-old mother struggling to lose the last of her baby weight has a far different goal than an endurance athlete working to shave minutes off his or her half marathon time. So why would the two follow the same, prescriptive exercise program? The ACE Integrated Fitness Training® (ACE IFT®) Model was created as a tool to help health and fitness professionals deliver custom, individualized exercise programs built on a foundation of meaningful rapport and strong personal connection. As the most comprehensive training model in the industry, the ACE IFT Model provides insight to better serve those striving to achieve everything from simple function to health, fitness and elite performance.
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Learn about the ACE IFT® Model, an innovative and systematic approach to program design that can help clients of all fitness levels achieve lasting results.

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Training Components and Phases

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A Comprehensive Approach For Every Client

The ACE IFT Model training components—cardiorespiratory training and functional movement and resistance training—are comprised of four training phases that run parallel to the function-health-fitness-performance continuum. Depending on current health, fitness and individual goals, every client will fall within one of the phases for each training component. The ACE IFT Model is meant to meet people wherever they are and progress them toward their goals using a wide range of appropriately timed assessments, and a comprehensive approach to functional movement and resistance training, as well as, cardiorespiratory training.
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Training Fact

With 65,000 certified professionals, we are the world’s largest nonprofit fitness certification organization

Rapport and Behavioral Strategies

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Unlike any other training framework in the industry, the ACE IFT Model takes a client-centered approach to training by emphasizing behavioral psychology techniques such as active listening, collaborative goal setting, and rapport development. Whether a person has a body mass index of 20 or 35 is secondary; what matters first and foremost is that you can deliver a safe, engaging experience that clients enjoy enough to do again and again. The greatest impact that health and fitness professionals can have is to help people gradually change unhealthy habits and establish positive relationships with exercise.
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