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The National Physical Activity Plan Alliance just released the first-ever comprehensive report card on walking and walkable communities in the United States.

How did we do as a nation?

Well, it’s safe to say that Lady Liberty will not be putting this report card on the national refrigerator.

The report card covers nine areas of walking and walkability. The nation’s high-water mark is a “C” in the category of “Adult Walking Behavior.” The grades are dismal in all other categories: Children and Youth Walking Behavior (F), Pedestrian Infrastructure (F), Safety (F), Pedestrian Policies (D), Institutional Policies (F), Public Transportation (F), Walkable Neighborhoods (D) and Walking Programs (Incomplete).

Certainly, these grades are disheartening. However, the true purpose of any report card is not to shame or discourage, but to help draft a path forward for progress and improvement. And, we at ACE are hopeful that this report card will serve to mobilize a broad cross-section of Americans – exercise professionals, health professionals, policymakers, walking coaches, public health professionals, good neighbors, etc. —to advocate, strongly and with great perseverance, for more walking and walkable communities. We must improve those grades!

ACE’s support and advocacy for more walking and walkable communities is a pillar of our mission to get people moving and our commitment to reversing the dual epidemics of physical inactivity and obesity. We believe that promoting walking is fundamental to creating communities that value and support physically active lifestyles for all people, regardless of age, ability, race, gender or socio-economic status.

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