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There is something exhilarating about spending time outdoors after a long winter. It’s no wonder that May is filled with health awareness events that advocate for getting up and moving, outside. Check out these events, and then lace up your walking shoes or dust off your bicycle, and head out into the sunshine.

National Bike Month
May is National Bike Month and this week, May 15-19, is National Bike to Work Week. Bicycling can not only be used as a mode of transportation, but it can also be a great way for families to spend quality time together or for you to explore your community. During National Bike Month, encourage others to join you as you bike to work or school, form a biking group, or hit the trails for some scenic fun.

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month
This is the perfect time to check in on those New Year’s resolutions. Ask yourself if you are moving as much as you would like, if you have reached your goals and if you’re where you want to be on your journey to health. Remind yourself of all the benefits exercise can bring in addition to boosting your fitness level, like improving mental health and quality of life.

National Walking Month
One of the simplest ways to get active is to go for a walk. Walking can be integrated into your day in too many ways to count. Grab your coworkers and go for a lunchtime walk, gather your friends and explore your community’s trails, follow up your family dinner with a neighborhood stroll or swap driving for walking to get to places you regularly visit in your neighborhood.

Every Body Walk!
ACE is a partner in the Every Body Walk! Collaborative, an initiative to get America walking. ACE is a lead organization for the May theme: promoting walkable communities for all. Building communities with safe sidewalks, parks and trails makes it easier for more individuals to engage in physical activity.

ACE advocates for legislation that supports creating environments that are conducive to exercise. In your role as a fitness and health professional, you can guide, support, encourage and train individuals to use their environment to move more. Here are some ideas to incorporate into your work this month:

  • Use our toolkit to plan group walks with your clients
  • Develop a steps or miles competition
  • Share photos of you and your clients being active on social media
  • Host a workout event in a public park
  • Offer an incentive to clients who walk or bike to your session
  • Contact local stakeholders and advocate for Complete Streets in your city

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