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Health, Mind & Body

Health, Mind & Body

Investigate how these fitness products related to the mind-body connection rank in ACE’s fitness product reviews. For each health, mind and body product featured, read a product summary, specifications, the expert review including what we liked and what we didn’t like, where to buy, and also the user reviews. Have you used one of these health, mind and body products before? Be sure to rate the item and leave your personal feedback for others to view. You can also conveniently share the health, mind and body product reviews with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media sites.

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Currently in Health, Mind & Body
| Health, Mind & Body Books

Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain

In Spark, John J. Ratey, MD, addresses the mind-body connection, presenting new research in an effort to prove that exercise is truly the best defense against everything from mood disorders to ADHD to addiction to menopause to Alzheimer's. He explains that the brain works just as muscles do-growing with use, withering with inactivity-and shows why getting your heart and lungs pumping can mean the difference between a calm, focused mind and a harried, inattentive self.

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$15.74 - $16.00
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10-minute Toughness: The Mental-training Program for Winning Before the Game Begins

This book discusses a three-phase system for athletes and competitors at all levels who want to achieve a winning state of mind. The author explains that exercising the mental edge is just as crucial for peak performance as physical training, and offers a five-stage daily workout that includes goal-setting activities and solution-focused tools which involve mental imagery, positive self-talk and controlled breathing.

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$14.36 - $15.00
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NeckX™ is a neck exercise device that can help to stretch and strengthen your neck musculature to prevent and relieve pain, increase flexibility, and improve your posture. NeckX™ is a light-weight, portable device that allows the user to quickly change from targeting one muscle group to the next. The NeckX™ will provide users with the ability to continue the exercise regimen prescribed by their medical professional or recommended by their personal trainer in the comfort of their own surroundings resulting in faster and longer term results. There are seven identified exercises that are initially suggested for use with the NeckX™; Extension, Neck Flexion, Rotation, Side Flexion, Combination Neck Extension/Rotation, and Vertical Lift. These exercises can be done using Concentric, Eccentric, or Isometric exercise methods. The NeckX™ is designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles of the area’s most commonly related to neck muscle strain. These include, but are not limited to, the Levator Scapulae, Rhomboid, Sternocleidomastoid, Trapezius, Splenius, Semispinalis, and Multifidus muscles. NeckX™ uses a cap in conjunction with latex-free exercise bands to facilitate the ease of conducting prescribed neck exercises. This innovative and unique design allows for individualization of tension and flexibility during the exercises for optimum outcome.

Editors Rating:

$69.00 - $69.00
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Burn at the Barre DVD Workout

Burn at the Barre • Total and complete dancer body workout for all levels

Do you dream of having a dancers body? Start transforming your body today! 

A long lean, strong sexy figure/body/physique is yours with this all-level workout.  Designed by a Professional Dancer, Certified Pilates Instructors and a Chiropractor – this workout will deliver the results you want.

  • Transform Your Body Into a Dancers Body
  • See Results in Only 5 Workouts
  • Sculpting / Fat Burning Interval Training
  • 3 Levels to Choose From
  • Safety Tips to Maximize the Best Results

Transform your body into a dancers body and see results in only 5 workouts! This workout is incredibly effective with 3 levels to choose from to constantly challenge you and prevent boredom or plateau with endless options. The low impact workout starts with a warm-up that includes some sexy moves and oblique exercises and then challenges you with series of barre exercises guaranteed to give your legs and glutes a long, lean, lifted, tight look. The pace of the Barre class picks up as we torch some calories during the fierce cardio segment. The second part of the workout includes weights and plank work to sculpt the arms, a core blasting section, one last intense booty segment and then a peaceful series of restorative stretches. Barre performers, Emily Zachary Smith, Ashley Eschler, Andromeda Trumbull, and Helena Hultberg-Talman are all teachers or co-creators of Burn at the Burn at Pilates Sports Center in Los Angeles, CA. For this workout you will need a chair or ballet barre and some hand weights and a small ball (not mandatory).

Editors Rating:

$14.99 - $19.99
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the füdoo (food+do) Board

füdoo® Boards help teach children and their families diet and activity balance.   A lifestyle tracking tool and game used by parents, teachers, fitness trainers, nutritionists and other healthcare professionals to inspire and motivate people to make everyday healthy choices.   füdoo Boards can be used in conjunction with the MyPlate tool and concept with learning opportunities children and adults can have fun with.  Clients can eat foods and enjoy healthy activities to fill up the board based on the trainer’s or nutritionist’s customized serving and energy teachings.  füdoo Boards also help clients make a balanced Rainbow Meal or celebrate trying a new food or activity. 

The “Food” Side – Eat! Drink!

  • Features 8 food tracking zones and describes how they benefit the body:  5 USDA color coded food groups plus New! (new foods reward), Sometimes Food (junk food) and Water.
  • Meal planning is taught using the Rainbow Meal concept.  Also, customize the füdoo Board by writing in the number of servings your client needs per USDA information.  Perfect for special diets.
  • Clients track and record what they eat and drink for the day using the set of food magnets, including Create Your Own magnets and damp erase marker.
  • Inspires picky eaters to try new foods, enables families to develop new habits and allows teachers and healthcare professionals to make nutrition education an everyday lesson.

The “Do” Side – Move! Think!

  • Features 5 Move! And 7 Think! categories plus a “Move more. Think big. It’s a füdoo kind of day!” free recording space.
  • Clients can log daily move and think activities, plan their day/goals or celebrate a new event using the damp erase marker.
  • Use the “30 Days to Make a Habit” program online to limit TV/screen time, add “Dream” time to the day, or reward your client for sharing a meal with their family.
  • Bolsters the Food=Fuel=Fun view for families making lifestyle changes together.
Editors Rating:

$26.95 - $26.95
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