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Workouts & Exercise Programs Books

Workouts & Exercise Programs Books

Investigate how these workout and exercise program books rank in ACE’s fitness product reviews. For each workout and exercise program book featured, read a product summary, specifications, the expert review including what we liked and what we didn’t like, where to buy, and also the user reviews. Have you read one of these workout or exercise program books before? Be sure to rate the item and leave your personal feedback for others to view. You can also conveniently share the workout and exercise program book reviews with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media sites.

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Currently in Workouts & Exercise Programs Books

LL Cool J's Platinum Workout

LL Cool J (James Todd Smith) co-wrote this book with authors Dave Honig and Jeff O’Connell to share the secrets of his physical transformation and inspire readers to enjoy working out. He includes examples of standard free-weight lifts, plyometrics, “fighters’” moves, calisthenics and endurance training, and describes four levels of fitness: bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

Editors Rating:

$11.18 - $12.00
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One-Hour Workouts: 50 Swim, Bike and Run Workouts for Busy Athletes

Written by endurance coaches Mark Newton and Michael Jacques, and retired professional triathlete Scott Molina, One-Hour Workouts features 50 swim, bike and run workouts designed to fit into a lunch hour, including a warm-up and cool-down. Athletes can choose a base, tempo, or speed workout according to their training goals for the day.

Editors Rating:

$16.47 - $24.95
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Weight Training Without Injury: Over 350 Step-by-Step Pictures Including What Not to Do!

The exercise will never hurt you—only improper form causes injury. Master the essentials of proper weight training and be safe while performing the squat, lunge, leg press, lat pulldown, reverse fly, bench press, chest fly, shoulder press, shoulder raise, biceps curl, triceps extension, plank, and more!

With over 350 full-color, step-by-step photos, Weight Training Without Injury's unique, revolutionary approach teaches right from wrong at every step with meticulous attention to detail.

Stellabotte and Straub's mission is simple: to enable you to master proper form and prevent injury when lifting weights. This book blends 50 years of experience and success with current scientific research (over 90 peer-reviewed publications are referenced)—all explained simply and organized in a clear format that is easy to follow.

The techniques learned here can be applied to exercises found in any bodybuilding, strength training or resistance training manual or program, making Weight Training Without Injury indispensable for the beginner, the seasoned gym goer, and the professional trainer.

Editors Rating:

$34.99 - $59.99
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