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Balance Training

Balance Training

Determine how these exercise, workout and fitness balance training products rank in ACE’s fitness product reviews. For each fitness balance training product featured, read a product summary, specifications, the expert review including what we liked and what we didn’t like, where to buy, and also the user reviews. Have you used one of these balance training products before in your exercise programs? Be sure to rate the item and leave your personal feedback for others to view. You can also conveniently share the balance training product reviews with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media sites.

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BOSU Balance Trainer

According to the manufacturer, the BOSU® Balance Trainer can be used with the platform side either facing up or down. The solid platform is 25 inches in diameter, and the dome must be inflated until it is firm. There are two recessed handles on the bottom and to the sides of the platform. The base is made of non-skid, non-marking material. Includes pump, manual and training DVD.

Editors Rating:

$92.00 - $95.00
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Airex Balance Pad

According to the manufacturer, the Airex Balance Pad is designed with closed-cell, sanitized foam that does not absorb water. It is intended to combine both exercise and balance skills to increase strength, stamina, differentiation, and coordination.

Editors Rating:

$59.13 - $60.00
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SPRI EVA Foam Roller

According to the manufacturer, this foam roller is designed to improve balance, flexibility and strength and is designed to withstand the demands placed on it during exercise. The user can lie, sit, kneel, or stand on the roller to release tightness in muscles and fascia or add an element of balance training to core exercises. The roller will return to its original shape after use and prevent moisture and bacteria from penetrating the surface.

Editors Rating:

$40.95 - $41.00
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StrongBoard Balance

StrongBoard Balance is portable and electricity-free.  Its platform rests upon four compression springs, allowing individuals to train using their own body weight for resistance during full-motion exercises.  The primary function of StrongBoard Balance is to strengthen the stabilizing muscles.


Editors Rating:

$249.00 - $249.00
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