Provider: ACE - American Council On Exercise
Type: Online Course
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CEC Credits: ACE 0.1 CECs , ACSM - American College Of Sports Medicine 1.0 CECs

Train your clients to thrive on and off the job

Many clients have careers or lead lives that are highly physical, involving excessive time spent on their feet, performing repetitive movements, and carrying or moving heavy objects. These clients can greatly benefit from training that encourages optimal posture, strong foundational movements, and improved stability.

In this video training, you’ll explore how focusing on specific movement patterns that relate directly to the physical demands in a client’s life can help them recover from or avoid injury, while improving their quality of life both on and off the job. You’ll also gain an understanding of the collaborative process involved in assessing a client’s lifestyle, as well as the impact that lifestyle has on their body.

This course, led by ACE Certified Personal Trainer and business owner Damien A. Joyner, JD, ICEI, will prepare you to better understand your clients daily physical patterns, so you can design personalized programming that helps them both move and live better.

Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Deepen client relationships by encouraging the client to be the “expert” on themselves and explain the physical demands of their job or everyday life
  • Create programming that helps clients practice more optimal posture during movement
  • Build client rapport while educating them about the real-life benefits of exercise
  • Introduce exercises that support how clients move for work.

CEC Credits

Approved by the following organizations for continuing education hours:

ACSM - American College Of Sports Medicine
1.0 CECs

ACSM - American College Of Sports Medicine CEC Approval

The American College of Sports Medicine's Professional Education Committee certifies that "American Council on Exercise" meets the criteria for official ACSM Approved Provider status from (2021 - December 2023). Providership # 687637


I liked this course because it is different and due to the fact I have many clients who do work in physically demanding jobs, so this was helpful. The speaker gave great exercise examples and kept it very simple but was able to explain why and how it would be demonstrated with the client. I also enjoyed the fact he shared some stats that are relevant to RN's because this is a very popular career among some of my clients and I want to be able to help them reach goals and be healthy as best as I can.

I was expecting this course to talk about overload, stress, and recovery, and how to program a full program for folks in physically demanding jobs, but instead really went in on a specific routine for RNs, and only talked about the importance of specific exercises. Some of the info was good, but just not what I expected.