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How to Create a More Inclusive and Size-Friendly Fitness Space

For many, the lack of body size diversity in traditional fitness—from gym marketing materials to workout classes and beyond—has led to feeling unwelcome or uncomfortable in fitness spaces. According to the World Obesity Federation, research indicates that fitness experts can often exhibit weight bias, negative beliefs about, or negative behaviors toward people in larger bodies. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Health and exercise professionals can play an essential role in creating exclusive spaces where all bodies are welcome.

In this video training co-hosted by ACE and SELF Magazine, you will learn from a panel of experts how you can play a significant role in helping combat weight bias and stigma in the health and fitness industry. The panelists will discuss what an inclusive fitness space looks like, best practices for working with clients who may have experienced weight bias, and much more. This dynamic conversation will equip you with the tools necessary to serve, understand and become an ally for people of all sizes.

Led by ACE Expert and Certified Personal Trainer, Jacque Crockford, DHSc and Editor in Chief of SELF Magazine, Leta Shy, this panel of experts will share insightful ways to ultimately market yourself as an inclusive health and exercise professional, grow your client base and become an agent of change in the industry. You’ll also hear from:

  • Tasha Edwards, MS, ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Certified Health Coach, founder of Hip Healthy Chick
  • Louise Green, ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor and author of “Big Fit Girl”
  • Christy Greenleaf, Ph.D., expert on the psychosocial aspects of weight, physical activity, body image and disordered eating
  • Chrissy King, Founder of The Body Liberation Project and wellness industry writer, speaker and educator

Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Identify proper terminology, tone, exercises and modifications for more inclusive programs
  • Understand how to market yourself as an exercise professional or health coach who is inclusive and size-friendly
  • Recognize how to make your fitness space a welcoming place for people of all sizes
  • Communicate successfully with clients of all motivations, goals and body types

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Very knowledgeable Ladies! Thank you! Now, can we address ageism?

Very important information for health professionals and fitness trainers specifically.