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CEC Credits: ACE 0.3 CECs , ACSM - American College Of Sports Medicine 3.0 CECs

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Create a Better Industry, One Conversation at a Time

The fitness industry is only starting the work on addressing equity, diversity, and inclusion to ensure all participants have equal access and feel welcome in every environment. Exercise professionals and health coaches play a crucial part in impacting lives when they approach conversations with empathy, inclusive language, person-first care and with an understanding of the disparities communities face across lines of difference. So, what can you do to make a positive impact in this area?

This course provides actionable steps you can apply every day to address equity, diversity and inclusion. Through practice scenarios pulled from real-life experiences of diverse clients and health and exercise professionals, you will be given an opportunity to learn from an alternate perspective. As a result, you will be better equipped to support traditionally marginalized groups, create an inviting environment that enhances client engagement and retention, and be a better advocate for the health and fitness industry.

Created in collaboration with Jessica Jackson, MBA, M.Ed , TEDx Speaker, Instructional Designer and Racial Equity Strategist at TorranceLearning along with additional subject matter experts in equity, diversity and inclusion, this course will enhance your ability to ultimately provide effective services to your clients. You’ll understand the effect of bias or misconception, and gain the skills to impact how you interact with others in your work and life. The topics discussed are the start of a larger conversation within the fitness industry and aim to improve equity, diversity and inclusion, one conversation at a time.

Upon completion, you will be able to:

• Consider how social determinants of health and health disparities affect access to health and fitness resources

• Mitigate implicit bias in interactions with diverse peers, clients and members

• Strengthen communication with people from diverse backgrounds using person-centered language

• Demonstrate empathy and understanding as a health coach and exercise professional

Find learning objectives and the scenarios that will guide you through the content. You will hear from ACE Expert, Anthony Wall, MS, and take an assessment to measure your current understandings and feelings about the upcoming course topics.
Define the five social determinants of health and review health equity statistics. Listen to a podcast discussion around this topic with subject matter experts, Antonio Williams, Ph.D, Rory James, MPH, and ACE President & Chief Science Officer, Cedric Bryant, Ph.D, FACSM. You'll then complete interactive learning activities to solidify the content and your understanding in real life scenarios.
Define implicit bias and review ways in which bias may present itself within the health and fitness industry with videos and interactive learning activities created by TorranceLearning's Jessica Jackson, MBA, M.Ed. By assessing your own implicit bias within this module, you will also be introduced to practical ways to reduce bias within your professional setting.
Focused on positive psychology and principles of behavior change, this module will help you understand what person-first language is and how to use it in a fitness setting through the ACE Mover Method. Featuring ACE Director of Science and Research, Sabrena Jo, MS, you'll learn how to utilize proper coaching techniques while keeping people's individual diversity in mind. Interactive learning activities will help you discover what you would do and what phrases you should use when speaking to different types of clients.
Building on the ACE Mover Method, you'll practice establishing rapport with clients through empathy. Empathy is the foundation of strong relationships, which is the cornerstone to a successful and meaningful client-coach experience. Interactive learning activities, including hearing real-life responses from clients with diverse backgrounds will help you apply what you've learned.
Featuring tools created by Wellness and Fitness Educator, Katrina Pilkington, BS, this module includes actionable next steps and additional resources, so you can bring these skills to your role in the fitness industry. Top off your learning with one final scenario-based activity to put your learnings into practice.

ACE's mission is to get people moving. Like all our courses, this course will provide evidence-based information and strategies that you can use to move forward in your professional career and help your clients move toward their goals. ACE recognizes the complexity of many of the topics presented in this course. Through facts, statistics, and real-life experiences, we hope you will take away a new understanding and awareness of the issues affecting those who may be different than you. The content provided in this course may elicit difficult emotions, and we suggest taking your time to move through this course at your own pace, taking breaks when needed. While we are offering evidence-based tools, we recognize this is only a first step toward improving inclusivity in the health and fitness industry. We thank you for your desire to learn more about what you can do to positively impact our industry, and the world, through this educational experience.

This training is part of our Taking Action with ACE series. Be sure to check out Taking Action With ACE: Practicing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion as a Fitness Manager and Taking Action with ACE: Practicing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion as a Fitness Business Owner, which are recommended for all health and fitness leaders in any role.

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ACSM - American College Of Sports Medicine
3.0 CECs

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