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CEC Credits: ACE 0.4 CECs
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Help Your Older Clients Stay Strong in Body and Mind

Everyone ages, but the effects of aging may be dramatically different for older adults who engage in regular physical activity. Degenerative health issues associated with age-related muscle loss can be prevented and even reversed with strength and resistance training.

In this course created in partnership with Healthy Learning, you will learn how to motivate, educate and train older adults using protocols for safe and effective resistance exercise programs. Based on the research series “ACE Health and Wellness Reports,” this practical course will prepare you to design and develop comprehensive strength training programs for healthy older adults who are relatively fit and for those who have low musculoskeletal strength due to age-associated muscle loss and bone loss.

This course includes digital access to a 94-page online document (viewable only) and an online quiz.

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Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Explain to older adults the compelling health and fitness reasons why they should perform sensible strength training
  • Design and develop safe and effective strength training programs that enable older adults to increase muscle strength, muscle mass, bone density, energy expenditure and resting metabolic rate
  • Provide clear explanations and correct demonstrations of numerous resistance machine and free weight/body weight exercises


Learned alot! Will go over this again!

good content that is condensed

it was very useful information for the older adult population and i think it offers encouraging information to enhance program adherence