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Certified™: April 2020

Cover Story:

How You and Your Clients Can Avoid the Comparison Trap

Amanda Vogel by Amanda Vogel
Health and Fitness Expert

From full-length mirrors to social media, there’s no shortage of opportunities for daily comparisons and judgments. This article confronts the comparison trap head on while providing strategies for untangling yourself and your clients from any unhealthy and/or unnecessary perceptions about how we fare among our peers and mentors.

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Ask ACE: High-intensity Interval Training
  • Certified™: April 2020

Ask ACE: High-intensity Interval Training

by Lance C. Dalleck

This is the first article in a series in which ACE experts answer your health and exercise questions. From nutrition to youth fitness, you’ll find detailed answers to many of the questions that may come up in your work with clients. In this first installment, Dr. Lance Dalleck answers your questions about high-intensity interval training.

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