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June July 2010

ACE in the News

Serving as America’s Authority on Fitness®, the American Council on Exercise and its extended spokesperson network are regularly featured or quoted in print, online and broadcast media, reaching more than 450 million people each year. Check out these recent highlights, and be sure to check out the full articles posted in ACE’s online press room at

O, The Oprah Magazine (April 2010) – In the article “Make Me a Ten!” Dorothea Hunter suggests that personal trainers are actually more affordable than many people think, and recommends hiring those that have been trained by an accredited organization such as ACE.


SELF (April 2010) – In “Get the Body and the Brains,” ACE spokesperson, Amy Ashmore, Ph.D., recommends thinking about the targeted muscles during strength training to help you get optimal results, rather than letting your mind drift. The article offers six multitasking moves that not only trim and tighten muscles, but also hone and sharpen your mind.

Runners World (April 2010) – In “Incredible Weight Loss Myths Exposed!” Pete McCall, ACE exercise physiologist, warns against over-exercising any single area of your body in an effort to “spot reduce” fat. “When you exercise, your body taps into energy stores from everywhere, not just one place,” explains McCall. He adds that, “It’s good to have a strong core, but too many crunches can over-tighten abdominals and lead to back problems.” He suggests targeting a particular body part no more than three times a week, and focusing on a balanced full-body program.


Better Homes and Gardens (April 2010) – In this issue’s section of “Health News” Q & A, Dr. Cedric Bryant, ACE Chief Science Officer, answers a question from a reader wondering why she can’t seem to shed those last 5 pounds. Bryant submits, “You’re probably at or very near your ideal physiological body weight.” He recommends she focus on favorably changing her body composition by adding strength training to her fitness routine, even adding that this may help her more easily fit into her “skinny jeans.”

Prevention (February 2010) – In the article titled, “The Workout for Every Body,” featured in the February issue of Prevention, Bryant explains that new or lapsed exercisers can boost their aerobic capacity by 25 percent in just eight weeks. Moreover, the article features effective workouts designed by ACE’s own exercise physiologist and spokesperson, Fabio Comana. Included are workouts for beginners; for those who used to work out, but have since stopped and want to get back up to speed; and for those who exercise regularly, but have hit a plateau.

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ACE in the News

ACE is regularly featured in the media reaching more than 450 million people each year. From O Magazine's article highlighting the affordability of personal trainers, to SELF discussing how to shed those last 5 pounds, read the latest from ACE in the News.
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Ace Certified News

ACE's Certified News is produced 12 times per year by the American Council on Exercise. No material may be reprinted without permission.

Publisher: Scott Goudeseune
Technical Editor: Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D.
Editor In Chief: Christine J. Ekeroth
Art Director: Karen F. McGuire