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June 2012

Three Ways to Sell Functional Training

Functional training isn’t just about flipping tires or climbing ropes, and it goes far beyond high-intensity weighted squats, pull-ups and kettlebell swings.

For most people, that doesn’t sound fun or, for that matter, safe.

Reaching a wide range of clients using functional training requires a complete understanding of what it really means. Better defined as results-oriented training, functional training is a program that helps clients perform activities of daily life better. 

For the professional athlete, functional training may mean a high-intensity workout like the one described above. But it doesn’t have to. Programs can be tailored to help people get off the couch easier, run or walk without joint pain, or lift their kids without strain.

The trick is getting buy-in from your client, designing the right program to fit his or her needs and progressing at a rate that best suits his or her abilities and goals.

Offer functional training with these three results-oriented packages and you’ll satisfy all of those needs:

Learn more about functional training and how it applies to different clients by signing up for our ACE Functional Training and Assessment Workshop, June 16, 2012, in five cities across the U.S. You’ll learn training techniques that help clients improve posture, movement efficiency and overall muscular performance in the one-day, 8.5-hour workshop. For more information, visit


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Three Ways to Sell Functional Training

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